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Letter: There’s no such thing as global warming

The environmental people are at it again with another global warming push. This time they were using the wording Polar Vortex.

Do you see the pattern here when they want to advance an agenda they come up with crafty wording to make the situation seem dire? The last I looked it is still winter out there and we always get a few weeks of cold, Arctic temperatures. And this cold air depends on the jet stream and how it is trending; sometimes it's higher sometimes lower. This is just another attempt at global governments and the elites looking for more control, power and money.

There is no such thing as global warming or man-made warming — it's just a lie to squeeze more money and control over people. A person or a group of people telling a lie over and over again at some point are going to have people believing the lie. Why they would want to lie about this you ask? So they can create a new tax (carbon tax) put regulations in place and control people and the greed of money.

Like Obamacare has nothing to do with health care, neither does global warming have anything to do with helping the planet. It's a facade. It's a way to control people from cradle to grave. How you ask? The EPA regulations, taxes, etc. We know that the scientist have been lying about the data because the emails and other information they had was exposed and some admitted they fudged the numbers.

They are indoctrinating kids in school from kindergarten to college. That's 20-plus years of telling them a lie and keeping the real information from them and the public. Don't buy into the myth and do your own research and you will find the answers.

Curt Hanson

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