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Letter: Unfair story

The recent article “Brusig faces felony over $18K of bad checks” investigates the misfortune of the former “boss” of the Center for the Arts, Christina Brusig. I and others have been convinced that there are many details that are much too intrusive and not pertinent to the situation included in this article. It seems that PI has convicted her before the actual investigation has barely started, and it is very bothersome that there are these types of risks to being a public figure in a small town such as ours.

Brusig is obviously going through a very tough situation at the moment and publicizing unnecessary and unimportant details in our widely read newspaper is not going to help her or anyone else through it. Details such as the amount of money that was in her bank account at one point, that she had recently broken up with her boyfriend as a single parent and other trivialities have given readers the feeling that the author of that article is biased and that Brusig is being targeted by the news, as if she is not going through enough hardship already. Yet, these details are still publicized without consideration or remorse for Christina and her family.

Simply investigating this incident without bias and blatant prying could make this experience much easier for both Christina and all other parties involved, and wouldn’t bash her reputation even more so by publicizing harmful details that aren’t relevant to the situation at hand. It is imperative that especially with so much “fake news” going around in this day in age, that we keep our local newspaper unbiased and nonharmful to all parties involved.

Isaac Williams

Glenwood Springs

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