Monday letters:

Stout ready to lead in CD3

Adam Frisch, thank you for your service. Now, please step aside for the candidate who best represents the 3rd Congressional District, as well as the Democratic Party.

I have known Anna Stout for 17 years, starting long before she brought Grand Junction together as its mayor. I have always known her as a brilliant, thoughtful professional, motivated by the good of her community — never motivated by personal profit. She is a young, strong, energetic, bilingual woman, born and raised in Western Colorado. She is honest, trustworthy, courageous, and compassionate. Anna believes in rural living and rural Colorado values, bringing neighbors together and protecting our Western lifestyle, including the livelihoods of family farmers and ranchers. Never an absolutist, Anna recognizes the virtue of sharing space with neighbors of all sorts, not demonizing anyone who peacefully participates in our democracy. She is the opposite of Lauren Boebert in every way. Anna is Lauren’s kryptonite. 

Adam Frisch, meanwhile, is another rich guy who moved to Aspen at some point, after enriching himself. Good for him for being willing to step up. But, really, does he represent the vast majority of Coloradans in Western and Southern Colorado? Be honest–is he even the kind of person the Democratic Party claims to represent? Aren’t we tired of the Democratic Party claiming to stand for women, young people, the working class, and rural America, while continuing to look more like affluent businessmen?

With Anna Stout, Colorado has a real choice. Voting for Anna would be voting for Colorado and Coloradans, not just voting against Lauren Boebert.

Garth McCarty; Boise, Idaho

After will work hard, bring upbeat nature to RFSD board

Betsy After is running for RFSD board. Having worked with her at Rocky Mountain Institute for several years, I know first hand that she is remarkably competent and (so important) always extraordinarily upbeat.

As a bonus, she understands both nonprofit and business budgets, and has deep experience on several local education-related boards. All of us in the district are fortunate that she’s willing to take on this challenging position.

Michael Kinsley, Snowmass

More support for After

The Roaring Fork School District is lucky to have a candidate like Betsy After pursuing a seat on the Board of Education (District B) this fall. 

I have known Betsy personally and professionally for many years, and have a deep respect for her intelligence, integrity, and commitment to public service, our school district and our valley. She has 2 young children that attend school in the RFSD, owns a family business in Carbondale, and is deeply invested in our community. 

Her background serving on local governance boards like the Basalt Regional Library District Board and the Mount Sopris Montessori Preschool Board, and her work as a local nonprofit leader with experience in budgeting and fiscal management will bring an invaluable perspective to the RFSD Board. I have full trust in Betsy, and know that she will be measured, thoughtful, and balanced in her decision-making. 

Our schools play a vital role in shaping the future of our community, and Betsy has demonstrated dedication to our students and our district. I strongly encourage fellow residents to join me in voting for Betsy on Nov. 7.

Sarah Dogbe, Basalt

Building Glenwood Springs to death

Remember the old song “Big Yellow Taxi”? The lyrics include:
They paved paradise and put up a parking lot
With a pink hotel, a boutique, and a swinging hot spot.
Don’t it always seem to go
That you don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone?
They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.
Does that remind you of what is happening in Glenwood Springs now? Note to all involved in this travesty: Please stop raping the land. Leave it for all to enjoy. 
Build only after appropriate infrastructure is developed, including more roads and schools.

Joan Isenberg, Glenwood Springs

Child Tax Credit should be expanded

Dear Editor,

The chaos and acrimony in the House right now is putting millions of families at risk of deeper poverty by cutting off federal assistance that feeds, educates, and houses millions each year. It is infuriating that the basic foundations of our social safety net are constantly being used as political pawns in Washington. 

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Supporting families through our tax code can minimize the harm these yearly funding battles inflict. For instance, when we expanded the Child Tax Credit in 2021 and made it available to families with the lowest incomes, we cut child poverty nearly in half. Unfortunately, new Census data shows that child poverty more than doubled when Congress allowed the expansion to expire. 

Families shouldn’t be caught in the middle of the reckless and childish fights over funding the government. Expand the Child Tax Credit permanently so that families can have consistent support they can count on. Our representatives and senators must fund the government and expand the Child Tax Credit now.

Put yourself in the shoes of these families and do better.


Selene Grajales, Glenwood Springs

Why all old white men?

As a fit and active female member of the local older generation, I was pleased to read the article in the September 27 issue of the PI focusing on how some members of the local older generation stay fit, healthy and active. However, I was most displeased that the article featured only older white men: no women (who tend to live longer than men), nor other diverse members of our community.

Judie Blanchard, Carbondale

Children should be guided by parents, not government

To The Editor:

There is a movement in Garfield County to remove books some find objectionable from general circulation in our libraries, or even remove them entirely.    As a pediatrician, parent, and Garfield County resident, I do not agree with these proposals as I have heard them presented.

There are many parents who have beliefs different from mine.  I accept this, and I do not feel compelled to force them to accept my beliefs, nor allow them to force me to accept theirs.  There is room for differences, and discussion.  

Parents have both the right and responsibility to guide their children to make good decisions.  They do not have the right to make this decision for other parents who may see things differently. 

Our libraries should be the source of information for all of us.  Book banning and book burning have long been the tools of totalitarian rulers and governments. By suppressing access to information, these rulers are suppressing freedom.   These tools must not be allowed to flourish here. 

William Flood, Glenwood Springs

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