Thursday letters: Character issues, school district spending, and the KDNK spirit

Exercise some character during pandemic

For me, the worst part of the coronavirus is not the awkwardness of social distancing, not the inconvenience of the closing of restaurants and gathering places, not the possibility that we might be overreacting. No, for me the worst part by far is the lack of character displayed by so many of my fellow citizens … nationwide, and particularly here in Glenwood.

What is character? At its essence it is something that should come to us with maturity, an ability to think not just about oneself but to think about and empathize with one’s neighbors and fellow citizens. Children don’t possess character when they are young; they must be taught not to keep all of the candy for themselves. There are a lot of childish adults out there.

Here is a simple example of hoarding. Let’s say that there are five families in a small town with one store. They each buy one roll of toilet paper a week, and the store orders accordingly. But then some issue arises, and family 1 buys all five rolls that week. “The heck with my neighbors, I want to take care of myself first.” So while there is plenty of supply, there are shortages because the supply has been hoarded by one self-centered narcissist.

This is our society now. Not exercising character, for sure.
Knock it off, all of you child-like adults. Show some character.

And city councilors and county commissioners: remind your citizens of their duty.

Jim Ingraham
Glenwood Springs

School district has gall to ask for $120 million

I can’t believe that a few years after getting $120 million from us residents of Re-1 school district that they have the gall to ask for $5 million more. I agree the teachers are underpaid, but where was that concern when you got the $120 million. Explain to us, Superintendent Rob Stein, why after getting the bond issue for $120 million you allowed 20-some teachers to be fired, giving their jobs to teachers from outside the district. And overspending on building a new elementary school so far outside of the downtown core that kids can’t ride their bikes to school. But then again it has always been Re-1’s way to spend most of our tax dollars on expensive buildings and not on teachers salaries.

So now they want us to cough up the money to do what they haven’t done in the past, pay teachers what they are worth. Oh but Re-1 had enough money to get into the real estate business and buy apartments to rent to teachers.

I am sure many of you out there have heard teachers say they just can’t wait to make it to retirement, morale is low and after seeing 10- to 20-year seasoned veteran teachers get fired, they fear the lack of loyalty from the district. Our superintendent just smiles and says what he feels the teacher and residents want to hear, but the word on the streets is he is not trusted. Maybe it’s time for Stein to move on.

John Korrie
Glenwood Springs

Show must go on for KDNK

How can we help others out during the COVID-19 outbreak? Well, sharing a roll of toilet paper might be asking a bit too much, however, KDNK came to the rescue of listeners this week when “Swing, Swing, Swing,” a radio program hosted by Art Ackerman a 94-year-young show host was asked to stay home by Gavin Dahl, the General Manager. However, Gavin was only trying to keep Art safe from the virus. He then went over to Art’s house, picked up his records, and at 7 p.m. Art was “on the air” by telephone. Mr. Dahl, “DJ” Art Ackerman, and KDNK shared the spirit of “the show must go on.” Congratulations KDNK, for a great team effort.

Joyce Rankin,

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