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Letter: Another student for Willman

Today I would like to tell our community about my mock trial coach and my City Council candidate, Charlie Willman.

This spring, I asked Charlie if I could interview him about his candidacy for a paper. When listening to his goals for Glenwood and Ward 3, all I could think was “Right. On. Point.” His support to fix our streets, his plan to renew Sixth street, and his hopes to create affordable housing are all on point for what our community needs. 

I believe Charlie also hit one of the most important parts of a campaign, community outreach. He plans to have neighborhood street parties where his constituents can come meet with him and voice their concerns. I feel this is the most important part of the local government as the councilors are supposed to represent you, the people. 

I personally know that Charlie will always be your advocate. Charlie is also the most qualified person for the job. He has been on the Downtown Development Authority for seven years and is currently a member of both the Financial Advisory Board and the city’s Transportation Commission while still making the time to run a nationally recognized mock trial program.

I have known Charlie for the past three years, and he has shown what it truly means to be a civil servant. You must understand that Charlie has more patience than almost any other person if he’s volunteering his time to coach highly trained argumentative teenagers. 

Even with the stigma of being a lawyer, he is one of the most loving and funniest men I know and it has been an honor to have him as a coach. 

Charlie is the advocate we need for Ward 3. I am only 17, so I won’t be able to vote for him in the upcoming election, but there is no doubt in my mind that I would check his name on the ballot. If you know Glenwood, you know Charlie Willman is the best candidate.

Linnaea Petterson

Glenwood Springs

Letter: Be respectful, please

About a week or so ago I was thinking how politely political our citizens of Glenwood Springs were — we have two three-way council races and one controversial ballot issue. 

It seemed as if citizens were engaged by attending public issues and answers, writing letters to the editor and openly discussing their points of view. It was exciting. 

And now, citizens, proposed candidates and proponents/opponents of the ballot issue are in a street fight of sorts.

I’m not writing to get into the game of verbal assaults but to simply say — are you really thinking about the good of the town or your ego(s)? Let everyone get their facts straight before speaking. If you have a “plan” to help Glenwood then state it, share it. 

And lastly, you don’t have to agree with one another but be respectful. The preverbal Golden Rule, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” never goes out of style.

Suzanne Stewart

Glenwood Springs

Letter: Willman willing to put in time and effort

I am writing in support of Charlie WIllman for Ward 3 city council. As a member of Charlie’s high school mock trial team, I have witnessed his complete dedication to everything with which he is involved. Charlie spends many hours a week with his mock trial team, on top of working full time. He strives for perfection and is willing to work as hard as it takes to get things done right. While Charlie is but one of many who love the city of Glenwood Springs and want what is best for its citizens, he stands out as willing to put in the time and effort needed to accomplish this goal.

Anna Carrington

Glenwood Springs

Letter: Charlie Willman — the wise choice for City Council

It was really no surprise when I opened the paper and saw that Charlie Willman was running for the Ward 3 City Council. Charlie has been involved and in service to this community for many years and in many capacities. He comes forth with a plethora of knowledge about the community he wishes to serve. He has a unique historical perception and intimate knowledge of the inner workings of Glenwood Springs. Such knowledge is invaluable and should not be overlooked. The thing I like best about Charlie is he listens. He listens with both left and right ears before coming to a qualified decision. Were I to live in Glenwood, he would be my first and most solid choice.

William H. DuBois Sr.

New Castle

Letter: Vanian is one of us

When you hear someone call a person a “politician“ it usually isn’t a compliment. I think that is because it has gotten to be in our society that politicians tend to say one thing and do another. They follow their party’s ways rather than their own, trying to just stay in office. Well that means Jennifer Vanian is not a politician. She stands up for her beliefs and listens to what others believe. And when she tackles something, she’s all in, going above and beyond most others. I’d be willing to say she has worked harder to be more informed about Glenwood’s issues than any other candidate. Talking to people in our city government, touring our facilities and reading everything she can get her hands on about the current issues. When someone is willing to put in this kind of effort, that is someone we want making completely thought-out decisions for our town. She does her homework and will be a great asset to our city council.

John Korrie,

Glenwood Springs

Letter: Even if you don’t support the tax, vote for Jim

There seems to be a big divide among voters regarding the proposed street tax, and it seems to be pushing voters to support one candidate over another. I would encourage voters to separate those two issues.

I’m a fiscal conservative generally opposed to new taxes at the federal and state level. I’m less opposed to local taxes if I support the purpose of the tax, not too high and the cost/benefit ratio is good. I often compare the question of new local taxes to family finances regarding savings for some future benefit or need like a vacation, a car, or a new roof. If we can afford the extra monthly cost and the benefit is sufficiently valuable compared to the cost, then we do it, if not, then we don’t.

Decisions such as these need to be based on factual information from informed sources. Regarding the proposed tax, it is recklessly uninformed to suggest that an extra $2 million can be found in the city’s general fund. It is unequivocally false to suggest that City Council on its own could issue a bond based on this “found” $2 million. A new bond would require another vote of the people. Besides, an extra $2 million per year does not fix our roads, we need a minimum of about $3.5 million per year for approximately 15 years. Having worked on the city’s budget for the last eight years, I can say with a high degree of certainty that there is not an extra $3.5 million per year to be “found” in the budget, every year for the next 15 years, that wouldn’t also require an equally unacceptable sacrifice of city services.

Regardless of your vote on the tax, I would strongly urge you to support Jim Ingraham for the at-large City Council seat. I’ve worked closely with Jim over the past year on the council and for many years prior to that when Jim was on the Financial Advisory Board. I’ve found Jim to be informed, dedicated, honest, reasonable and to be a person with a high level of knowledge and integrity. He is the only candidate with sufficient experience. He doesn’t have an axe to grind. His only agenda is to serve the best interests of the citizens of this community.

Michael Gamba,

Glenwood Springs

Letter: Jim and Charlie – two powerhouse candidates

I’ve had the outstanding pleasure of working alongside both Jim Ingraham and Charlie Willman for almost 1 ½ years on the Financial Advisory Board (FAB) for the city, and I can personally attest to their deep sense of community, thoughtfulness, business prowess and common sense.

Jim’s exceptional career in the world of corporate America finance is a huge benefit for FAB and especially City Council. He takes the complex, and boils it down into practical and understandable equations and prioritizes those potential next steps — all in a manner that is consistent with the hometown values of Glenwood and it’s citizenry. Jim is not afraid to take on the tough issues head-on, and make the difficult and yet “grown up” choices that must be made in the best interests of our community. His positive, yet realistic optimism is that of a statesman — even in a sometimes cynical political environment.

Charlie has given many years of service to this community, and really knows Glenwood inside and out. His dedication started as a young attorney for the city in the early ’80s serving as city attorney for four years. When it comes to understanding local issues, the history, and working with folks from all walks of life, Charlie is the man that brings perspective and a pragmatic approach for moving ahead. His selfless giving to our youth on the Mock Trial program, his visionary efforts with the Downtown Development Authority and many other local causes, has been an inspiration to all of us.

Please consider these two exceptionally qualified candidates for City Council. I can tell you that they both deeply care and are clear headed about what to do in moving Glenwood forward financially, in a practical down to earth manner. Vote “Yes” for Jim Ingraham for City Council at large, and “Yes” for Charlie Willman for City Council Ward 3.

Dan Sullivan

Glenwood Springs

Letter: Hershey has ability to find creative solutions to problems

I would like to encourage you to vote for Tony Hershey for City Council. I have lived in the valley for over 25 years, over 15 years in Glenwood Springs. I’ve known Tony for over 15 years since we started out as coworkers, and now I consider him a friend and I believe he would work diligently to improve our city. He is honest, kind, a hard worker and is really good at listening with an ability to find creative solutions to problems. I believe his skills are invaluable for the city at this time. He is against the tax on our roads and I know he will find other ways to fix our roads without passage of this tax. I would encourage you to talk to Tony and listen to his ideas and I believe you will find him to be the best candidate for the at-large position.

Judy Martin,

Glenwood Springs

Letter: Willman is a problem solver

I am writing in support of Charlie Willman for the Ward 3 City Council position.

Through my time in the mock trial program, which Charlie has been dedicated to for several years, I saw several qualities that would help Charlie be very successful in this council position. He is passionate, fair, hardworking and resilient. Charlie’s will and need to do the right thing will push him far in this position. He is a man of the people, and will hear our needs. I look up to him as a mentor and I know that he will always be there to offer advice and give solutions. Charlie is a problem solver, and won’t stop working until he has done what is best for our city. In this election, I’ll be voting for Charlie!

Emily Carrington

Glenwood Springs

Letter: City needs Willman’s dedication, passion and leadership

I would like to share a side of Charlie Willman that very few know. Charlie is a role model. Along with my team (GSHS Mock Trial – Varsity), I have spent countless hours with my coach. Charlie has taught me how to use inflection, be persuasive, purposeful movement and how to articulate long debates over the Colorado Rules of evidence. Those teachings are valuable and better my performance as a “mock” attorney, but there are far more tangible matters that surpass those teachings.

Charlie’s dedication and love toward our team cannot be explained in a sentence. He once told me, “you must do everything with passion — love to show how dedicated you are. No one can teach you passion” and at first I kind of rolled my eyes and thought, OK, this is just another famous Willman lecture. But, that has resonated in my daily life.

Charlie has adopted our team like his own grandchildren. He’s accepted and trained us in the pursuit of perfection. Our team is our second family and we all owe that to Charlie. In the midst of chaos, Charlie has maintained composure and his leadership role when times get extremely difficult. Charlie has worked countless hours with our team, maintained his job, ran for city council all while being perfectly composed. In moments of frustration and tears I can recall Charlie lending a piece of advice, and a joke or two.

I broke down at practice one night, Charlie’s words of wisdom were to believe in myself, but also that he believed in me at my lowest and trusted that I could pick myself up again. That weekend, we placed third at state. No one has taught us passion, we have redefined that within ourselves, but we couldn’t have — I couldn’t have — without Charlie’s fatherly figure in the background encouraging us to be the better version of ourselves every day within every move. That is the type of dedication, passion and leadership we need for our city.

Pilar Melendez,

Glenwood Springs