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Joyce Hoffman: The need for increased oversight

Thank you, George Boardman, for revealing the problem the citizens of Grass Valley have with the lack of accountability from the city’s staff and attorney. Ever since the City Council hired Mr. Colantuono as our city attorney, we’ve had no voice in the decisions made in our own town.

My husband and I have been very disappointed and frustrated dealing with the current regime over things such as public parking, road maintenance and road safety. It seems that no matter what our concerns are, the city is unable or unwilling to help. Now it’s cyber security to question.

There is no transparency in the way they make decisions. I urge everyone to ask the city for copies of all the budget-making factors before they are made final. We need to watch closely.

Without our observance, the city is “of, by and for” the city staff and attorney rather than “we the people.”

The same goes for Sierra College’s reluctance to reveal their cyber security issue and the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office for not adequately explaining how they justified shooting two unarmed people. Must we develop our own oversight committees? Thanks, George for speaking out.

Joyce Hoffman

Grass Valley