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Letter: Glenwood’s City Council should address tire marking

Marking tires to enforce parking rules is like entering property without a search warrant, a federal court said Monday as it declared the practice unconstitutional in Michigan and three other states.
How will this affect our dear parking marking lady in Glenwood Springs? City Council should reply.
Alex De La Garza
Glenwood Springs

Letter: Miller should have accepted full responsibility for fire

Richard Miller’s girlfriend, Allison Marcus, should not be charged for starting the Lake Christine fire. Miller knew what kind of ammunition was in his father’s gun, not her. Any decent person would have accepted full responsibility for his reckless behavior.
Bruno Kirchenwitz,

Letter: Allowing violation of land use permit sends a terrible message

(This letter was originally addressed to Mr. [Mike] Samson, Mr. [John] Martin, and Mr. [Tom] Jankovsky),
I am opposed to the expansion of the is quarry in Glenwood Springs. I understand the quarry corporation wants to expand this operation from 21 to 320 acres? I was just there at Glenwood Caverns and saw this operation. To think if allowed it would be 15 times larger leaves me flabbergasted. Also in response and with due respect to Mike Samson, if you are building a house as a general contractor and you have five out of seven permit violations, the inspectors would absolutely red tag the construction site and all construction would cease, without regard to jobs.
I am sympathetic to Samson’s argument and appreciate it, but he must understand, that to permit a major corporation to continue to profit while in violation of the county land use permit is a terrible message to the rest of the citizens. Would you be allowed to drive your car without a valid driver’s license, dig in your yard without the proper permits, sell liquor at your restaurant without the proper license, continue to sell food with serious health code violations? Absolutely not. I could go on and on. The fact they have been in violation for two years and still continue to operate is a significant breach of public trust with both the process, the county commissioners and the quarry corporation. I sincerely desire for the Garfield commissioners to understand that they have sacred trust with their constituency to represent the people of this county and not allow anyone to be above the law and the will of the people less we risk eroding the trust we place in our representative democracy.
Matthew Roeser,

Letter: A suggestion for the airport

It has come to my attention that several complaints are being roused regarding the Glenwood Springs Municipal Airport. 

It is no secret that the airport is no longer as prosperous as it used to be, and the complaints regarding its operations and future cannot be ignored. 

I have been conducting research on other situations similar to that of the Glenwood Airport and have come across a potential solution I strongly believe is worth looking into. 

Years ago, Stapleton International Airport was repurposed into a residential and recreational area, preserving some of the historical facility architecture, and providing the community with many needed resources. If this action were to be implemented in Glenwood, the need for complaints would be mitigated, the need for more housing would be fulfilled, the airport property would harbor a new purpose, and the general requests of the public would be met. 

I urge you to consider this option for the good of our community. Thank you for your time.


Gracie Yarrow

Glenwood Springs

Letter: The wisdom of the Electoral College

Several recent letters to the editor promoting the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC) demonstrate a lack of understanding concerning the Electoral College and its value in electing our president. This fact is made clear by the arguments used in support of the NPVIC promoting the idea that your individual vote will now count, when in reality it has the greater potential to do just the opposite.

Put simply, the Electoral College allows smaller population centers in a greatly diverse nation to have a relatively strong voice over and against areas with much larger populations, like New York, California and Florida. But with the NPVIC in effect, these same states are likely to end up picking the president, drowning out the popular vote of the rest of the nation. 

If you happen to agree with the West and East coast’s choice, you will be happy with the outcome, but if you do not agree, your vote will not count as Colorado’s electors will have to reflect the greater majority, but not necessarily the majority of people of like mind.

Our Founding Fathers understood from history that a democracy does not work, eventually degrading into mob rule. Our Electoral College is a unique blend of a democratic popular vote balanced with republic representation. 

In this way the Founding Fathers avoided the pure democratic “mob rule” outcome of two wolves and a sheep voting on “what to have for dinner.” In this example, two diverse constituent groups are represented: wolves and sheep. With the Electoral College intact as originally intended, both constituent groups will get an equal vote. Without it, the sheep loses big to the majority.

I am 14 years old, but with a few hours effort, I have educated myself about the wisdom of our Founding Fathers in their creation of our nation’s Electoral College to prevent America from becoming a pure democracy, which they knew could not preserve our precious freedoms. I want to encourage everyone to take a few hours to educate themselves on this very important issue. Check out coloradansvote.org. 

Lucas Villarreal

New Castle

Letter: GarCo welcoming gun troubles

The Garfield County commissioners have said they will not honor the red flag law since it is a violation of the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. Sheriff Lou Vallario said he will enforce the law only because he could go to jail by not doing so. 

[Regarding the Florida teen who posed a threat in Denver last week], the county commissioners have not defended this girl’s right to bear arms because, of course, she is mentally disturbed. She did not break any laws and has no criminal background.  

According to our commissioners’ “2nd Amendment [preservation],” she would have been welcome in Garfield County. This situation is exactly what the red flag law, signed by our governor  was meant to address. Don’t you know that her family certainly wished that her gun could have been confiscated? 

The red flag law would have allowed her family and police to remove a gun from her possession. Now, a mentally disturbed 18-year-old is dead and thank heavens no other young people suffered the same fate by her hands. My grandchildren live in Golden, and their day care was shut down.

Deborah Dawson

Glenwood Springs

Letter: American Democracy not intact

I guess the Mueller report has not changed anyone’s mind who is still a Trump supporter. As he said when campaigning, he can shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and you would still be with him. 

The ignorance in America is appalling to me, to believe a man who has lied as many times as he has in the last two years, and so many of those lies are documented in the report. 

His lies are verified by his own people in his administration, who left their positions because they could no longer lie for him. What does it take to wake you up? 

I hope and pray it’s not the total collapse of our democracy in the United States.

The “hoax” is his spewing lies of a “deep state.” Read some history and you will see him using the same language Nixon used.

The Republican Party used to stand for limited government, controlled spending and alliances that have kept the world order since World War II. Now our deficit has exploded, and we have been isolated from our trading partners and friends. 

They have been replaced with a Russian strongman and a Middle Eastern prince, who has abused his people and starved them to death. The Saudi Arabian prince even gets a pass from Trump after murdering an American journalist. Trump also calls Kim Jung Un his friend after he killed the 22-year-old American college student, Otto.  

I am praying each day for the House Democrats to be successful in their search for the truth of what this mentally ill, evil man is doing to our country. I’ve almost lost faith in America, and can no longer respect my friends who don’t seem to care how many lies their president spews each day. 

Linda Carr


Letter: Trump’s collusion with Russia

April 16, 2018 was a day of overwhelming excitement for our nation’s Democrats and especially, the reporters of the New York Times and Washington Post who received the coveted Pulitzer Prize for national reporting.
In announcing the winners, prize administrator Dana Canedy noted that the winning stories illustrated the necessity of a free press even as Donald Trump regularly inveighs against “fake news.” The Pulitzer board said, “For deeply sourced, relentlessly reported coverage in the public interest that dramatically furthered the nation’s understanding of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and its connection to the Trump campaign, the President-elect’s transition team and his eventual administration.”
The New York Times, on their website of April 16, 2018 briefly describing their own award as “the national reporting prize went to The Times and The Washington Post for their coverage of Mr. Trump’s possible ties to Russia — a recognition of two journalism stalwarts that exposed the hidden activities of the Trump White House while withstanding much presidential ire.”
The Pulitzer board, the Times and the Post will shrug their shoulders and say “who cares if some say Trump’s innocent,” we’ll move beyond our groundbreaking disclosure of his collusion with the Russians. The Democratic Party along with the national and local press have the next two years to begin their relentless task to uncover, with the help of additional deep sources, Trump’s criminal activity in obstructing justice.
Floyd Diemoz,
Glenwood Springs

Letter: The mayor does represent all of our citizens

As someone who has had the honor of being “selected” as Glenwood’s mayor on three occasions, I feel that it is time for the City Council to give serious consideration to supporting a change to the process by which our mayor is chosen. While it is true that the position of mayor is largely ceremonial with the primary functions being to serve as the chair of meetings and the signing of legal documents on behalf of the city, the mayor does represent all of our citizens and is also seen as a spokesperson for our community. As a result, I feel that the mayor should be elected by the citizens rather than chosen by as few as four members of the Council.
Even now, eight years after my last term, residents continue to ask me why Glenwood’s mayor is not elected by the people. During my three terms as mayor, I and other council members suggested that consideration be given to amending the city charter to require that the mayor be elected by the community at large. We were not successful in this effort as others felt that a change would add too much complexity to the election process. While this change would require some reorganization of the current ward/at-large distribution it, in my opinion, would give the community a better understanding of the qualifications and values of those desiring to serve as mayor and, more importantly, the power to choose him or her to the people.
Bruce Christensen,
Glenwood Springs

Letter: Tired of dodging potholes

Our streets are in a ridiculously horrendous condition. The city deserves a big fat F! Since our repair the streets initiative did not pass, is the plan to just let them get so bad that only the most extreme 4×4 can navigate them? I’m tired of dodging potholes. We can do better then this!
Steve Hugill,
Glenwood Springs