Garfield County bike trails: Boy Scout/ Forest Hollow Loop |

Garfield County bike trails: Boy Scout/ Forest Hollow Loop

Getting there: As Glenwood's true classic ride, these trails can be ridden in an exhausting (but satisfying) 18-mile loop. Park in town somewhere (that serves your favorite beverage, perhaps) and head south about 3 miles on the Rio Grande Trail to the dirt Red Canyon Road. Trail Talk: This is also a popular hiking area, so be prepared to yield right of way. Though this loop will make you sweat, it'll also reward you with stunning views of Glenwood Canyon and the Colorado River.



Distance : 18 miles

Difficulty: Moderate

The dirt: The climbing begins on Red Canyon Road. After another 3 miles, turn left on Lookout Mountain Road — a rougher road with even more climbing and lots of sun exposure — for 1.5 miles to a parking lot for a four-wheel-drive road. Here is where the fun begins, though there is still some climbing on this rolling road. After not-quite-2 miles, you're finally at the singletrack that heads down (down! finally!) Bear Creek. After 0.75 mile, turn left on Forest Hollow, which rarely changes in elevation for 5.6 miles as it travels the side hill above the Colorado River through cool Douglas fir and scratchy oak brush. The flat trail continues to the south, but turn right onto Boy Scout Trail, a fun, moderate/difficult, sometimes rocky and steep 2.5-mile singletrack that drops you back into town to your waiting car and refreshment.

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