Garfield County bike trails: Wulfsohn, Glenwood Springs |

Garfield County bike trails: Wulfsohn, Glenwood Springs

Getting there: From downtown Glenwood Springs, travel west on Eighth Street. Turn right onto Midland Avenue at the light, then left on Wulfsohn Road at the Community Center.

Trail Talk: Wulfsohn trails range from really easy to fairly difficult. Nothing is too long, and trails are close to town for a quick ride. Add a little mileage and an easy warm-up by parking at the Jeanne Golay Trailhead and riding Olsen Trail over to Wulfsohn. With the newly opened Grandstaff Trail, you can create a loop by linking Wulfsohn, Olsen, Grandstaff, Jeanne Golay and Stevie Bob for 12.1 miles of fun.


Distance : 1.4 miles

Difficulty: Intermediate/Difficult

The dirt: Probably the system's crown jewel, Defiance climbs up the hillside through oak brush with some tight turns, steep climbs and even a few rocks. Ride back on Stevie Bob, or add in Wulfsohn North for the whole experience.

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Distance : 1.1 miles

Difficulty: Intermediate

The dirt: This is a fun, twisty, rocky, intermediate trail great for making loops with other trails.


Distance : 0.5 miles

Difficulty: Intermediate

The dirt: This trail is a good, rocky, intermediate singletrack accessing the park or leading to views at the Wave on the Colorado River.


Distance: 3.4 miles

Difficulty: Intermediate to tough

The dirt: The lower portion of this trail is downhill only, so plan ahead. You can take Red Mountain Jeanne Golay Trail the whole way up, or ride it till you pass the downhill-only portion.