Meet Paula Stepp: Ward 4 Glenwood Springs City Council candidate (unopposed) |

Meet Paula Stepp: Ward 4 Glenwood Springs City Council candidate (unopposed)

Paula Stepp
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Glenwood Springs is a family oasis that welcomes visitors from around the world. I have spent my adult life working and raising a family here. I’ve had good jobs with local publishing companies working in the outdoor industry, volunteered for a variety of nonprofits, and I ran my own business. My friends have worked in a variety of fields that allowed them to settle in and help this community grow.

I’m running for the Glenwood Springs City Council, because I want these same opportunities to be available for our current generation of young parents.

In order to encourage development and growth after the Great Recession, Glenwood Springs reduced its efforts to provide affordable/attainable housing. But we are back to the pre-Recession problem of a lack of access to an affordable home. We need opportunities for middle-income residents to get into housing without breaking their budget.

It is difficult to find people to move to Glenwood to take a job, and people working in Glenwood Springs are taking their income resources to live in other towns. The council needs to work in cohesion with our community to find a holistic approach to solve our housing problem. I’m willing to trade density in the appropriate places for lower housing costs.

The confluence area will be a major development that will change the look and feel of our town and its core business area. The city is investing in the Seventh Street project and the Two Rivers Park riverside development. We also need to take care of our other neighborhoods and streets. There must be a balance to fixing the old with bringing in the new.

This is the time to turn to renewable energy sources. Not only for the electricity that the city provides to our homes and businesses, but for renovating structures and building new structures. We can progress toward becoming a net zero emission, carbon neutral community and show the next generations that we are taking care of their future, too.

All decisions made by the city must look forward to expanding broadband and the coming 5G revolution. It is vital to business and personal productivity. With foresight and planning we could put Glenwood on the map as one of the first towns to open the doors to 5G internet access.

Tourism continues to be a key to our future economic base, and I will continue to work with our business leaders to make sure that our tourists feel like this is their second home. We are at the heart of up-valley trails systems and down-valley access into the local hillsides. Trails are the arteries of the expansive growth of the outdoor industry. As a community, our economic base will grow stronger when this new kind of tourist sees us as a destination outdoor area.

I’m running because I believe the actions we take now must benefit our city far into the future. I seek opportunities to grow the economic base Glenwood needs for our future viability and vitality.

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