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Christina Brusig


Almost nothing stays the same. We learn more and we build on that knowledge.

Philosophers and scientists have long held up the life experience to the light, turning and tilting it from side to side for new insights and new theories on the complexities of who we are, but one thing remains constant: Each of us has value and purpose.

The Center for the Arts is about becoming. Every day invites our best effort in the classroom and the community. Art builds on itself and on what is happening in our town and in our world. We become program designers, introducing and inspiring students to see the world through the art of others. We become artistic guides as individuals tap into a well of creativity through our wide range of classes. We become mentors in our after-school programs, giving young people artistic tools that will enhance any life path they choose.

Tonight, we become the delivery system for a brilliant array of artistic expression in the form of our second annual 6 x 6 Exhibit, where more than 100 canvases will grab your imagination and not let go. The range of vision and creativity is as unique as the artists who created them. You are invited to be part of this fundraising effort. For only $20 (no tax!), you will own an original and help keep our essential educational programming going and growing.

Here is where you make the difference. This year, we were invited to create six new programs that have had in an impact we could not have imagined:

Home School Wednesdays and 5th Day Fridays offer a full day of art, dance, pottery and music through our World Culture curriculum. Students interact with each other, building friendships and self-confidence while discovering and enhancing their unique talents and artistic expression.

Fine Arts Friday is the dynamic early release program we designed at the request of Two Rivers Community School. Students participate in painting, singing, guitar and piano classes taught by Art Center teachers, dedicated to individual expression and discovery.

Enrichment Wednesdays at Glenwood Springs and Sopris Elementary Schools continue the same successful after-school model we have developed, rounding out the school’s curriculum and assuring parents that their children are in a safe and creative environment.

Painting Pages, our offering every second Tuesday at the Glenwood Springs Library, is a literacy and art collaboration that has elementary school children listening and painting what they hear and see with their mind’s eye, under the direction of our newest faculty member and superbly talented studio artist, potter and textile artist, Josefina Gordh.


Saying thank you to anyone who is truly an essential part of your life never seems enough, but the elegant gala we have planned might come close. We will be honoring the members of the Glenwood Springs Center for the Arts on March 6 with a wonderful evening of entertainment, art and sumptuous refreshments to pay tribute to the myriad ways they say “art matters.” I am inviting you to join the Center for the Arts by purchasing an individual or family membership and be part this amazing night. Your membership brings you discounts on class tuition, performances, public events and invitations to VIP evenings like this one.

That night, we will also be taking support and participation to a new level by announcing our Ambassador Program. We are inviting individuals who believe in the artistic community and their place in it and who are willing to join our volunteer team in a leadership position in fundraising, membership drives and after-school programs.

Everyone makes a difference. The smallest stone cast in the stream will always, always change the course of the river.

See you tonight at 5:30.

Christina Brusig is the executive director of the Glenwood Springs Center for the Arts. She can be reached at

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