Art Scene: Gratitude from the Glenwood Center for the Arts |

Art Scene: Gratitude from the Glenwood Center for the Arts

To my staff, my main girls, my movers, shakers, change makers

Brie, I love that you are such a strong voice of reason. Your guidance and gentle leadership style make you a major asset to our team. You are organized, dependable, trustworthy and creative. We wouldn’t be where we are today without you. I value and appreciate you more than words can express. Thank you.

Linda, I love that you have my back to the point that I feel like we are family. You are a miracle worker, a wordsmith and such a friendly person that you exude pure joy for all who have the pleasure of knowing you. Thank you so much, my soul sister.

To our Art and Pottery Departments:

Terry, I love your genius ideas and creative spirit. Your can-do attitude makes me feel like nothing is impossible if we work together. Thanks for all that you do to make us the most vibrant art center in the west. You are amazing.

Noemi, girl! I love how you have shown me what perfectly executed art really is. You are a master at everything you do, and your work is absolutely stunning. No matter what you do, you do it with all of your heart. Thank you for your fun-loving personality and pure charm.

Liz, I love your brilliance, your drive and your ability to think creatively. It impresses me the many ways you provide art opportunities all over our valley. Girl, you are a perfect 10, and I’m so grateful to work with you. Thank you.

Jessica, I love your dedication to the Art Center. I love that you have created and sustained a unique community that would otherwise be missing. I’m grateful for your expertise. Thank you.

Judy, I love your calm and lovely character. I am constantly impressed with the work you create. Your sense of community is beautiful. Thanks for being a gift to my life.

To our Music Department:

Brad, I love how dedicated you are to music in our valley. Every student, parent and staff member benefits from your loving approach to teaching. Thank you for your beautiful music and endless talent.

Ashton, I love that not a day goes by that you don’t absolutely impress me with your music. From your teaching style to the production of your professional music, I’m in awe when it comes to the talents you possess. Thanks for proving to every aspiring musician that they possess so much possibility.

Karen, I love that you are the perfect mix of talent, vision and execution. The music you create and teach is filled with soul and love for the world. You are a shining star in our music department, and I’m so grateful for the role model that you are for our kids. Thank you.

To our Dance Department:

Maurine, I love your inclusive and thoughtful approach to our Art Center family. Your grace, professionalism and pure heart shine through with everything you do. Thank you for being the strong foundation on which our dance program was built and continues to grow.

Bella, I love your big picture mentality and your loyalty to the center. I’m so impressed with what you have done with our upper level dancers. Your vision for our team is one I stand behind 100 percent. Keep dreaming, doing and living what you love. Thank you for being so inspirational.

Laura, I love that you are the person who provides balance to our dance program. Your love for the center, coupled with your ability to bring out the best in everyone, makes you invaluable. Your grace, beauty and sweet heart constantly inspire me. Thanks for being the lover that you are. Not a day goes by that I’m not grateful for your gifts.

Emily, I love that you provide such a solid foundation to our dancers. Your works of choreography are absolutely stunning. It takes a lot to move me when it comes to dance, but you do it every time. I feel connected to you and your creative process time and time again. Thank you for being brilliant.

Bailey, I love that you are everything that a teacher hopes their student would become. You are a professional dancer at 17 years old. You are a teacher, a mentor and a performer. Your love for dance exudes in everything that you do, and I’m grateful for the technical presence you bring to our dance family. Thank you. The world is your stage. Keep tappin’ it.

Danielle, I love the quintessential ballerina that you are. I’m beyond grateful that you have joined our team. I am so impressed with the growing skill level of our dancers, and I attribute so much of that growth to you. Thank you for being an expert; your skills are second to none.

Nicole, I love your incredible approach to teaching and the many skills you possess. You shine with so much possibility and grace. It’s a joy to watch your choreography come to life, and I greatly value the relationships you have established with our dancers. You, my dear, are a gift to our dance program.

To our Outreach Department:

Meaghan, I love your thoughtful approach to our outreach programs and your incredible music. You are a talent, and you execute everything you do with such grace and enthusiasm. I’m so grateful you joined our team.

Amy, I love your grit. You get involved, come up with brilliant ideas, problem solve and help us raise the bar in all of our artistic endeavors. You treat our students with such love. Thank you for your leadership.

Kay, I love that, no matter what, your attitude is always sunshine bright. Your warm teaching style coupled with your sweet and calm personality make you an incredible teacher. We love having you represent us in our local schools. Thank you for being such a joy.

Kathy, I love that you help bring art to life in all that you do. From teaching, to mentoring, to being a mother and wife, your creative pursuits do not go unrecognized. I am so thankful you joined our team this year.

Erin, I love your creative mind. Your brilliance in coupling yoga and art was exactly what our outreach programs needed. Thanks for your grace, patience and helpful spirit.

To my Board:

Wayne, I love the relationship we have created. I’m so lucky to have you as a mentor through our huge transition. Thank you for helping me become the best I can be. We have accomplished so much together over the years. I’m truly grateful for you.

Kate M., I love your brilliant mind and ability to problem solve. Your dedication to the arts inspires me on a daily basis. I feel so lucky to work with you in multiple capacities. You are a gift to the world and a gift to me. I’m looking forward to a bright future together.

Kate C., I love your creative mind and go-getter spirit. You are a think tank of great ideas. I have loved every opportunity I have been given to work with you. You have provided me with so much guidance and leadership over the years. I will greatly miss you being on our board, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done to make us great. Cheers!

Stacey, I love how you represent a full spectrum of ideas and possibilities. Your commitment to the Art Center is above and beyond, and I can’t thank you enough for the ways you have helped transform our programs. Your quiet spirit is a mighty one; thank you for all that you do and have done to raise the barre.

Anais, I love your ability to think outside of the box and reason. I appreciate how much the morale of the Art Center staff means to you, and I am deeply thankful for the ways in which you have helped us grow. I’m looking forward to many more great years.

Rita, I love that you are my go-to girl for everything Art Center-related. I really couldn’t do what I do without your help, love, guidance and brilliance. It feels so great to share a common vision and work like a team. You, my dear, have been a perfect addition to our art family. Thank you for making everyone feel valuable. We certainly value you.

John, I love that I can turn to you at any time for help. Your ideas, presence, organizational knowledge and expertise make you a valuable asset to our board. I look forward to the many ways you can help myself and the Art Center thrive. Thank you for being great.

To our students, parents, artists, patrons, donors, sponsors and volunteers:

I love you for the ways you have been involved. I love you for the hours you spend at the Center. I love you for your hard-earned contributions and gifts. I love you for the smile on your face in your art class, or at your music or dance recital. I love you for the commitment you have made to yourself and your community. I love you because I love everything art represents. You are the reason we exist.

Cheers, and happy New Year!

Christina Brusig is the executive director of the Glenwood Springs Center for the Arts. She can be reached at

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