Art Scene: The power of 30

Christina Brusig

The other night, I was having dinner with a friend and he got that crafty look that says “I’m gonna do one of my really clever game changers where we go from an ordinary conversation to a ‘hey, so how about those…” that starts a jangling debate ending in laughter while giving the opponent truly a run for the money. But that night, he said, “Hey, so how do you feel about turning 30?” It was one of those thunderingly silent moments, rich in context and overflowing with truly bad timing. But then, I had to laugh and say, “Funny you should ask. I was just thinking, at this exact moment, about where I was last year and where I am right now, besides having a wonderful time collectively defying all dietary guidelines. I was thinking …”

Just then, my cell phone quietly interrupted the fish and chips festival with a message from Bessie. Actually, it was a message from the Bessie Minor Swift Foundation notifying me that the Center for the Arts was the 2016 recipient of an arts grant to expand Painting Pages to a bilingual arts and literary collaboration with the Glenwood Springs Library. Bessie was a teacher in a one-room Missouri schoolhouse; a teacher who loved books, music and history and left a foundation dedicated to “contributing to an informed and active citizenry by supporting programs that promote literacy and educational enrichment.” This was an “against the odds” grant with only 8 percent of the funding awarded to the arts. We stepped up to the challenge, made the case and won the day.

I knew, at that moment, exactly how I felt turning 30. I knew that, in the 2 years I have been the executive director of the Art Center, we have charted a new course as we rededicate ourselves, every day, to each individual in our community — the true creative shareholders of the center. I knew that this dedication has launched expanded class offerings, more after-school outreach programs, greater community participation in supporting the arts and a more impactful presence in the city government decisions that affect arts in Glenwood. I knew that we are consistently asked to be a key part in committees that address the future of the arts in our town and that we have become the go-to source for program design.

The Summer Design

The Glenwood Springs Center for the Arts continues our successful tradition of offering a wide variety of outstanding summer classes and camps. The foundation of all classes is to spark imagination and create an environment of challenge and fun so each student expands their reach, makes new friends and continues learning about the arts.

The center is offering dance, art, pottery and music classes plus family yoga classes that will create a unique opportunity to share the experience with your family and learn the art of relaxation and inner peace. Rounding out the summer is the two-month Hawaiian Island Summer Camp taking kids on a journey, one island at a time, to experience the culture, art, history, food and dance of each island. Enroll at or call 945-2414.

The Ribbon of Time

Time can seem to move at record speed, but when we pull over to see where we’ve been and look ahead to see where we are going, we can assure ourselves that it’s all about the choices.

We’ve streamlined our processes and are keen on moving ahead with a sure step, never missing an opportunity to listen to the new idea, never letting ego steal the focus and always, always making the arts available to everyone.

Christina Brusig is the executive director of the Glenwood Springs Center for the Arts. She can be reached at

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