Aspen 440 shares climate change concern in song ‘Tipping Point’ |

Aspen 440 shares climate change concern in song ‘Tipping Point’

Aspen 440 will again conclude Bookcliffs Art Center's summer music series.
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Aspen 440 at Bookcliffs Concert Series

Sunday, 6 p.m.-sunset Aspen 440 will play the final show of this summer concert series. The band includes David Blair Harding (guitars, vocals, backing tracks), Amy Hawes (bass and vocals) and Lisa Sarver (lead vocals). The family friendly event will include vendors such as Lucky Dog and the Lion’s Club for those who don’t bring picnic dinners.

Bookcliffs Art Center, 1100 E. 16th St., Rifle | Free | 309-9796 |

I had noticed that there had been a change in the weather pattern here as well as other places on the planet. I was curious: What was causing it? What can we do about it?

I ran into my old friend Chip Comins, a co-founder of AreDay. He told me about the environmental symposium, which was to be held in Aspen. The mission of the American Renewable Energy Institute is “to advance the rapid implementation of renewable energy and energy efficiency at the speed and scale necessary to provide solutions of both the environmental and economic crises currently facing humankind and the planet.”

That caught my attention. Chip asked if I would like to work on the production in exchange for attending the three-day conference. I jumped at the chance.

The conference was eye opening. This is such an important issue for everyone. I understand the complexity of changing from oil and gas to solar and wind. The economic model is perplexing, but we will get there. We have to.

I was able to talk with the legendary musician Taj Mahal and other presenters at the event, and I wanted to share information about climate change and sustainable energy. I decided the best way to get the word out was with what I do best: music.

The Paris Climate Accord was about six months away — just enough time to write and record something I hoped would help make a difference.

Since I am a professional musician I write the music first, to get the vibe of the tune. Then I called my old writing partner Seraina Wood, who started the lyric process. She immediately understood where I was coming from on the subject, and she felt the same. Amy Hawes, who is a wonderful musician and book editor, put the finishing touches musically and lyrically with Lisa Sarver on the project, and there it was!

One of the conference presenters offered to play the resulting song, “Tipping Point,” during one of her broadcasts at the Paris Climate Accord. The song’s message remains relevant to current events and culture: The challenges of climate change are ongoing, and the conversation is prominent with the opening of Al Gore’s movie “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power.” We hope this message of climate change resonates with everyone, because it is going to affect everyone. We are at a “tipping point.”

David Blair Harding plays guitar and provides vocals and backing tracks for Aspen 440. The band is known for its blend of vocals and professional musicianship. Learn more about the band at

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