Beer in briefs: Taste, enjoy & discover in Colorado’s Grand Valley |

Beer in briefs: Taste, enjoy & discover in Colorado’s Grand Valley

Caitlin Row
Try Rockslide Brewery's own take on Irish red ale, just in time for St. Paddy's Day.
Rockslide Brewery |


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When it comes to craft beer, there are plenty of options for sampling in Colorado’s Grand Valley.


Blink Coffee Company in Mesa, Colo., is serving a beer concoction that will remind you of dessert — Odell Brewing Company’s Lugene Chocolate Milk Stout in a glass rimmed with Butterfinger candy pieces and Ghirardelli chocolate.

According to Ann Hartter, member of Grand Valley Beer Geeks on Facebook, “it was gooey and terrific; salty, and of course sweet; and it went very well with the stout, balancing the hoppiness. It was a very textural experience.”

Al Asenavage, Blink’s executive chef, also noted that it’s his take on a margarita.

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Tyler Frye of Grand Junction’s Bookcliff Home Brew Club made the following recommendations: “Kannah Creek Brewing Company has a Lunchloop Pale that has very nice hop aroma and light bitterness. Their Iron Cross Irish Red Ale also has a nice, toasted malt flavor and light hop balance. Copper Club Brewing Company is serving up a 72 Schilling that has nice, caramel notes and is an excellent Scottish ale. They also have bottled IPA that is great to take home. Rockslide Brewery has a great Citra IPA that has medium bitterness and a nice citrus aroma. They also have Irish and Scottish ales on tap.”

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According to Jen Zeuner of Hot Tomato Pizzeria in Fruita: “We just tapped Cocoa Mole … It’s a fantastic beer from New Belgium that is part of their Lips of Faith series, which is their small craft brew department. The LOF series rotates frequently, we usually only get a keg or two before it changes. The Cocoa Mole is a spiced, chocolate porter, flavored with cinnamon and chiles; it is perfect for this time of year when the weather is still a bit chilly!”

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Katlin Lubeley with Kannah Creek Brewing Company confirmed a seasonal beer called Riverbound Pale was recently tapped at Kannah’s 12th and Orchard location only.

“River Bound is a pale ale, and here is the description: resinous, sweet aroma,” she said. “Crystal malts make for rich caramel and ‘wonder bread’ flavors in the body. A round-mouth feel gives way to a broad, dry finish. Overall, it’s a great malty vehicle for Chinook and Cascade hops. It will only be on tap a limited time.”

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Rockslide Brewery and Restaurant in downtown Grand Junction recently introduced its own take on Irish red ale, just in time for St. Patrick’s Day.

According to a recent Facebook post: “This beer is made with a careful balance of roasted barley, crystal and Victory malt for a brick-red hue and a malt-forward balance. Get it before it’s gone!”

Also, please congratulate Zorba Proteau, Rockslide’s head brewer, on this three-year anniversary making beer in downtown Grand Junction.

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