Community briefs: Poetry corner |

Community briefs: Poetry corner

Mrs. Carter’s seventh- and eighth-grade literacy class at Grand Valley Middle School were required to write a “Where I’m From” poem based off of George Ella Lyon’s original. These vivid, biographical narratives will appear in the Post Independent as space allows.

“Where I’m From” by Enrique Garcia

I am from toy nerf guns and plastic bottles as targets.

I am from big houses that have an upstairs and downstairs.

From the weed pulling,

the heat during the summer and when the April showers really hit.

I am from Los Danzantes during La Virgen Maria’s birthday and from a close and crazy family who is like a close bunch of bananas, from Esther, Fredy, Angel, Gabby, Isabella and Margarita and Luna and Garcias.

I am from tamales, posole, and carnitas and staying up till 12 a.m. to open up presents which is like WWIII because all the kids are anxious to open present.

From being a man is having respect and apologizing when in the wrong.

I am from Catholicism and the Ten Commandments

I am from the United States but my race will always

be Latino and Mexican food.

From my Father because he broke both of his legs

and got better so he can work everyday for his family

and for his loyalty and the courage of showing us right from wrong.

I am from bunched up family pictures and showing our crazy family.

“Where I’m From” by Kaydynce Brady

I am from light from imagination and color.

I am from the cold and snowy mountains.

From the roses that bloom every Summer the sun that shines down on the Earth.

I am from the bark off a family tree and the water that we water it with from my mom, Summer and my little dog, Bella and my family Jones.

I am from the family farm and the plants that I helped plant. From the silence of a room and wind in my face.

I am from a cross of God.

I am from Missouri and whirlpool, corn and chicken.

From the war my Great Uncle fought in and the places my family went and the family members I met for the first time.

I am from the creek I always go to in the Summer.

“Where I’m From” by Mallory Brinklow

I am from markers, from under armor and erasers.

I am from hot and dry grass that smells like a burning fire.

From the Blue Colorado Columbine, the stormy night.

I am from Christmas lights on my tree and looking at brown gleaming eyes, and Shelly and Jerry and Brinklow.

I am from chicken alfredo and Halloween.

From always having thick skin and sticks and stones may break my bones.

I am from Christians in God we believe.

I am from Glenwood Springs, pizza and meatballs.

From the falling off the tree and the winter stormy nights and the singing on stage.

I am from staying up all night and waking up to early mornings.

“Where I’m From” by Camron Brown

I am from peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, from goldfish crackers and crocodile dundee.

I am from the window curtains.

From the bright sunflowers and hot days.

I am from cold Christmas mornings with the heat way up high and loud families full of joy, from Grandma and Grandpa and the Dents, the Browns, and the Huynh’s.

From “If you fall you get back up” and “Pain is temporary it may only last a minute or an hour.”

I am from good Christians and Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior.

I am from Denver, Colorado and family from all around the world from pho and husmanskost.

From Grandpa is a hardcore Marine and he served in the war and the story of Grandpa flying all around the world in a helicopter.

I am from deep green trees and bright blue lakes that symbolizes we will always be together.

“Where I’m From” by Nik Campbell

I am from the Moon, from the little stars and a Blue Moon.

I am from the back roads.

From the thorn bush in my yard, the bad thunder and lightening storms.

I am from a weird sense of humor and

homemade noodles from Kealey Campbell

and Demetrius Campbell and the Campbell family.

I am from the four wheels and a dirt road

and eating Thanksgiving dinner at my Aunts.

From ‘’You talk too much’’ and ‘’Stop being so quiet.’’

I am from Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior.

I am from Grand Junction, Colorado,

noodles and green chili.

From four wheeling in the mountains

and the midnight movies

and the fun times with my family.

I am from a family that goes to football games

and watches Sunday night football.

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