CRAVEN’S NOTES: An October surprise music quiz |

CRAVEN’S NOTES: An October surprise music quiz

Craven Lovelace
Free Press Music Columnist
Craven Lovelace
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Ah, October! One of Craven’s favorite times of year. The leaves are turning. The air is crisp. There’s something sweet, wafting on the winds. But there’s another reason this season is so special to Craven, and it stems from his childhood.

As this October winds to an end, he has a message for you — but this being Craven, he can’t just come out and say it; he has to make it as obscure and opaque as possible. So below you will find a pop music quiz, in which the answers are each missing a single letter. Correctly answer the questions, jot down the missing letters, and you will spell out Craven’s October message to you:

1. This duo had their first #1 hit in the U.S. with a song called “Rich Girl.”

A. The Every Brothers

B. Cad and Jeremy

C. All & Oates

D. Rank and Nancy Sinatra

2. They saluted “Those About to Rock.”

A. An Halen

B. Ourney.


D. Hitesnake.

3. Chrissie Hynde was the lead singer for:

A. The Lash

B. The O-Gos

C. The Angles

D. The Retenders

4. Since 1977, he has definitely engaged in “A Little Less Conversation.”

A. Jim Orrison

B. Elvis Resley

C. Imi Hendrix

D. Michael Ackson

5. In 1966, “Good Lovin’” was a hit for:

A. The Mamas and the Apas

B. The Oung Rascals

C. The Ssociation

D. The Rolling Tones

6. He hit it big in 1974 with “Cat’s in the Cradle.”

A. Im Croce

B. Gordon Ightfoot

C. Arry Chapin

D. Elton Ohn

7. They were Colorado’s only great surf band in the 1960s.

A. The Entures

B. The Arketts

C. The Rip Hords

D. The Stronauts

8. They were at the height of their fame when a tragic air crash decimated their ranks in 1977.

A. Ynyrd Skynyrd

B. The Bay City Ollers

C. The Eegees

D. The Agles

9. In 1963, it was her party, she could cry if she wanted to.

A. Annette Unicello

B. Eslie Gore

C. Carol Ing

D. Shirley Assey

10. In their 1994 hit, “Come Out and Play,” this band admonished that you “gotta keep ‘em separated.

A. Limp Izkit

B. Faith O More

C. Irvana

D. The Ffspring

11. Although this band had been a successful act since 1994, they only scored their first Top Ten hit with “Beverly Hills” in 2005.

A. Immy Eat World

B. Ake

C. Fountains of Ayne

D. Eezer

12. In 1984, this singer had a hit with “Sugar Walls,” a song written by Prince.

A. Haka Khan

B. Sheena Aston

C. Inead O’Connor

D. Heila E.

13. While Bob Marley never had a Top Ten hit in the United States, this guitarist brought one of his songs to #1 in 1974.

A. Ric Clapton

B. George Arrison

C. Regg Allman

D. Richard Hompson

14. Gwen Stefani was the lead singer of:

A. The Reeders

B. Veruca Alt

C. O Doubt

D. Cibo Atto

Craven Lovelace is the producer of the Notes Blog & Podcast at and also writes about popular culture at the Cravenomena blog at You can also find him on Facebook. Notes is made possible by Tina Harbin of Real Estate West, the premier resource for all real estate information and services on the Western Slope.

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