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Editor’s Picks

I am embarking on a quest — one many have taken before me.

I’m searching for a Sopris painting.

You would think that wouldn’t be too hard a task to take on; I can walk into almost any gallery in the valley and find at least one painting of our gorgeous giant.

But, to me, that saturation is part of what makes this hunt so challenging. If there were only one Sopris painting to choose from, there would be no struggle. But instead, there are countless, meaning the painting I eventually purchase needs to strike me in a way others haven’t.

If it’s a challenge for me to pick one out, I can only imagine how challenging it is for artists to seek a new angle when they decide to paint Sopris.

Some might think that because Sopris paintings are so common and sought after by locals and visitors alike, owning one wouldn’t feel very special. But I don’t think so.

Sopris has become one of the most defining symbols of the valley I’ve grown to love over my year here (and this week marks my one-year anniversary as a resident). I’m not worn out of it just because everyone else is enamored by it, too. And owning an original piece of art with Sopris as its subject doesn’t lose appeal just because it wouldn’t be the first Sopris painting ever made.

So I’m peeking into every gallery I walk past, multiple times a week, just to be sure I don’t miss my Sopris.

I can’t wait to find it.


Stop by Steve’s Guitars in Carbondale at 8:30 p.m. to see the Vine Brothers, a trio that “uses mandolin, guitar, upright bass and vocal harmonies to captivate audiences with their crafty songwriting, fiery improvisation and soulful delivery,” according to the band’s website. There’s no better place to see a folksy bluegrass band than Steve’s, one of the most intimate spaces you’ll ever have the pleasure of hearing some live music.


Don’t miss the old fashioned school dance at the Silt Historical Park at 7:30 p.m. You’ll have a fun-filled evening of dancing and music featuring the Fifth Real. No partners or dance experience are necessary, as Ron Young will teach and call fun and easy traditional community dances. Admission is $8.


There’s no better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than eating great food and hearing live Americana music from a favorite local band. Stop by Juicy Lucy’s at noon to hear The Leonard Curry Trio. And order one of the best cheeseburgers in the valley.

Jessica Cabe wouldn’t be opposed to artists sending her photos of their Sopris paintings. She can be reached at jcabe@postindependent.com.


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