Farmers Market is a feast for all the senses |

Farmers Market is a feast for all the senses

The colors and textures of the produce at this farmers market are incredible, and combining them with the taste and aromas allows us the opportunity to fully enjoy our marketing for the week.

Olathe Sweet sweet corn, cabbage, dill, cucumbers, onions, Gala apples and roasting green chilis start us off as we begin our search for dinner or the produce to can or dry this week.

Peach Valley peaches, greens, tomatoes, fresh honey and Macintosh apples combined with organic Paonia peaches lead us to Kuhns’ Peach Valley CSA and their abundant organic options.

Healthy Baker Don again has those fabulous peach fritters, home-made artisan breads and brownies for your lunch snacks.

The handmade soaps and soap holders to remove germs are found at New Country Creations along with a large selection of essential oils.

Barbecue pork and brisket sandwiches return this week, making a quick dinner or appealing meal while shopping.

The catch from Kaleb’s Katch includes, halibut and salmon fillets, patties and case lots as well as grilled salmon wraps.

Wildflower honey, freshly dug Silt Mesa potatoes, turnips, pollen and pecans are just the beginning of the items located at Mesa Forge & Farm this week.

The selection of beans, cucumbers, tomatoes and summer squash seems limitless this week allowing options in creativity.

The Glenwood Farmer’s Market is Saturday in the Rite-Aid parking lot from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. through October.

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