Find variety of produce at weekly market |

Find variety of produce at weekly market

Sam Silvius
Glenwood Saturday Market

September is joining us with warmer weather, and the variety of produce continues to increase.

This week’s market has a large offering of organic Palisade and Paonia peaches, Palisade nectarines, Peach Valley green beans, field ripened tomatoes, fresh cut flowers and cucumbers as a select listing from Kuhns’ Peach Valley CSA.

Peach raspberry is just one of the unique combinations of the homemade jams found under the red umbrella at Cyn Cyr’s place; the Blueberry Tahitian vanilla is still a favorite, as well.

Lean, tasty, grass-fed beef in an assortment of cuts can be found at Farmer Dave’s. Hamburger and roasts are a great way to start planning the upcoming week’s meals.

Peach or apple fritters, organic carrot cake and chili cheese bread from Healthy Baker are just the right complement to our morning coffee.

Kaleb’s Katch will be bringing a selection of freshly frozen, sustainably caught Alaskan salmon, including Sockeye portions and cod loins.

Mesa Forge & Farm offer a wide selection of honey; Silt alfalfa, alfalfa-clover and Flattops wildflower, as well as honeycomb and pollen, await your selection. Rhubarb, a medley of summer squash, fresh green onions and crisp turnips, Plum Daisy’s award-winning jams in 17 options. Cinnamon raisin, wheat and oatmeal are among the breads available. Be sure to check for fresh zucchini bread.

De Vries Farm stand offers a selection of freshly roasted chilis, squash, potatoes, onions, field ripened tomatoes, Palisade peaches and incredibly tasty apples.

This market is open on Saturday from 7:45 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. across from the Glenwood Springs High School next to Rite Aid.

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