Library mystery dinner a sell-out |

Library mystery dinner a sell-out

Carla Jean Whitley

New Castle Branch Library’s Friends group will host a ’50s-themed murder mystery dinner Saturday, but if you haven’t bought tickets, you’re too late. The 60-seat event sold out in advance.

The Friends group and the Garfield County Libraries Foundation share a common cause: Supporting the library.

“It’s a group of people who are mainly volunteers who love their libraries and want to support them, come up with fundraising ideas and want to put them on,” said New Castle Branch Manager Linda Lewis.

In addition to special events like the mystery dinner, the Friends of New Castle Branch Library hold an annual booksale. It coincides with the town’s Burning Mountain Festival in September. Friends President Peggy Sconce said she expects each event to raise $600. The organization’s money helps fund library programs and in the past has also been used to purchase display cases, foreign films and to fill planters on Main Street.

As for whether the mystery dinner will recur, Sconce responded with a laugh.

“Well have to see how this goes,” she said. “We sold out pretty quickly.”

Join the Friends by attending a meeting, held 6 p.m. the second Monday of each month at the library or by emailing Sconce at

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