Roaring Fork Valley native set to make his feature film debut |

Roaring Fork Valley native set to make his feature film debut

Carla Jean Whitley

Brett Lark discovered his theatrical interests early. He began dreaming of life as an actor at age 4 and saw financial incentive by age 10. Lark would deliver newspapers to businesses, and when he delivered them with a song, the businesses rewarded him with tips.

Now, two decades later, Lark is preparing for his feature film debut. He plays a supporting role in “Treasure Hunt,” which will premiere March 10 at the Christian Youth Film Festival in California.

It’s been a challenge, at times, to be true to his Christian faith while seeking work in Hollywood, Lark said. He’s turned down several paying roles because he didn’t agree with the message the work presented.

“As a storyteller, I want to be sure I tell stories that I agree with, tell stories that I’m passionate about,” Lark said.

“Treasure Hunt” is a Western, set in 1901 California. The story circles on a family that realizes a relative has hidden wealth and left them a treasure map. The resulting antics reveal how far people will push one another in the pursuit of fortune.

Lark identified with the screenwriter’s approach to storytelling.

“He’s a Christian writer. However, he also believes that a Christian film should not be all 100 percent cheerful and happy,” he said. “Life is messy, and he believes you can’t ignore that part when you write for a Christian film.”

Lark has appeared in eight theater productions and more than 12 short films, and the projects aren’t always explicitly Christian. That’s OK by him; the important thing is to participate in productions with messages he believes in.

“Even if you’re telling a story and I’m in a scene where I’m not being a very nice man, where I’m being a villain … that’s OK with me as long as the overarching message is one that brings inspiration to people,” Lark said.

“Treasure Hunt” is likely to travel to an international Christian film festival after its debut, and Lark has several of his own projects in the works, too. He has been at work on a test shoot for a short film that he wrote, about a young couple struggling to get pregnant. He also has experience with production and direction — he founded local nonprofit Secret Identity Pictures before moving to California — and that contributes to his acting, as well.

He’s just 18 months into his Hollywood career, and Lark has his eyes set on making his passion his life.

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