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Local eats: Glenwood Canyon Brewing Company

Susie Jimenez
Glenwood Canyon Brewing Company offers outdoor seating with a great view of the Colorado River.
Colleen O’Neil / Post Independent |

Right beside the historic Hotel Denver on Seventh Street (Glenwood’s “Restaurant Row”) sits one of the best places to grab a beer — and some pretty delicious food, too.

Glenwood Canyon Brewing Company offers a unique twist on beer in a warm, family-friendly setting. It’s the perfect place to stop for lunch or dinner on your visit.

Susie Jimenez: Why Glenwood Springs? There are so many choices, and the location is now in the Hotel Denver.

Brewpub: When you are waiting in line to have breakfast, and you realize that this town doesn’t have a brewing company, you know that it’s time, and it’s the right thing to open. Since we have opened, we have placed ourselves on the map, and we have over 100 employees and over 1,000 barrels of beer. We know now that it was the impactful thing to do in Glenwood Springs.

SJ: How do you come up with the flavors? I always thought beer is beer, but you seem to infuse yours with raspberries, lemons, honey and strawberries.

BP: That’s what beer is about — what other levels we can take them to. The amount of awards we have received proudly continues to help us want to make new flavors, see what’s in season and pair them accordingly. We are very proud of our palate and selection and will continue to brew the best beer in the valley.

You will always find our standard beers, our frequent beers and our occasional beers so we can rotate and still keep favorites.

SJ: What’s the best way to experience the menu?

BP: All of our staff have knowledge in our beers, and you can always experience a flight of beers. You get a great experience trying them all with our food, too. Our food has different profiles, from enchiladas, to cheese steaks, to sandwiches. We have something for everyone. Even for those non-beer-drinkers, you will find one that has a great tasting profile that is right for you.

SJ: What kind of brewers do you have back there brewing?

BP: They have all made this not their occupation, but their passion. There is so much love in each batch, and they all have extensive knowledge in their brewing, so you know they are always brewing something delicious.

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