Musician, artist Alicia Zinn |

Musician, artist Alicia Zinn

Will Grandbois
Alicia Zinn
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Coal Ridge High School senior Alicia Zinn spent her first few years in Littleton before moving to Silt with her family in second grade. Although the change in community size was initially awkward, she has since come to embrace the community and its opportunities.

She participates in various band programs as a clarinetist and will attend all state band in March. She also enjoys the visual arts, climbing and biking. She recently managed to take a little time out of her busy schedule to talk about her array of interests.

Post Independent: How did you feel about the move to Silt?

Alicia Zinn: When we first moved here, I absolutely despised the idea. After a while, I made friends and it became familiar. I found opportunities, like band. Eventually, I was very happy with the decision.

PI: What made you choose the clarinet?

AZ: Back in fifth grade I just chose it because my friend was playing it. I like the sound of it.

PI: What kind of media and subject appeal to you in visual art?

AZ: The most popular one for me is charcoal. It’s cool to work with — kind of messy but blends well.

I particularly draw big cats. I can do domestic cats, too, but big cats are what I excel at. It started back in eighth grade when we had an assignment to paint an eye of an animal. I did a tiger, and it turned out really well.

PI: Any activities outside of school?

AZ: Mostly I work at the Hot Springs. I started out doing accounting for them over the summer, then went down to the Spa of the Rockies.

PI: What are your plans for the future?

AZ: I have been accepted to CSU in Fort Collins. I’ll be going there in the fall for a degree in zoology. I really like animals, and I’m apparently very good at anatomy.

I enjoy playing but I’m not really interested in music as a study, and while I also enjoy the visual arts, I don’t think making a career out of it is the path for me.

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