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Pixie dust fixes everything

If I’ve learned anything about Halloween, it’s not to wait until the last minute to put together a costume. But each year, as if I’m under a memory-erasing spell, I forget. And procrastinate. Then, panic.

For the most part, waiting until the last minute at Halloween hasn’t been all that terrible. I often do my best work under the pressure of a deadline. The problem with this theory, though, is in the minor details. Whether it’s the perfect blond wig for a Marilyn Monroe ensemble or just the right amount of fake blood for a zombie recreation, the best costumes take some time to get just right.

I highly recommend the zombie as an option.

Last weekend, procrastination reared its ugly head when I was headed to a family costume party. It was a Disney-themed event, so I thought it would be fun if we all went as Peter Pan characters. I had the idea a few weeks before, so I don’t have many excuses for not having my costume ready until the last minute. I’d say it had to do with taking care of a new baby. But I didn’t have one of those last year, and the same happened, so I can’t go there.

Having a baby has actually helped me to be more prepared in life.

So the party was Saturday, and in between feedings, diaper changes and procrastinating, I still hadn’t taken care of the major details of my Tinker Bell costume when I woke up that morning. A few of the minor deets were covered — a blond wig and some silver sparkly Tom’s slippers to wear.

Going barefoot a la Tink wouldn’t work well in the rainy weather.

Steve was headed to the store, so I asked him to look for a fairy costume. He was already set with pirate wear to be Captain Hook, including a long black wig I’m sure I’ll use again someday when I’m Slash. Or Cher.

Maybe Howard Stern.

I was in luck, as the store had a green fairy costume in stock. There were even different sizes available. I’m still losing that baby weight, but apparently I forgot I have some time to get back to pre-Will pounds. I’m blaming it on that memory-erasing spell.

Since it is Halloween and all.

When Steve asked me what size to buy, I felt confident enough to choose the smaller of the sizes. Note to self: When purchasing a Tinker Bell costume after having a baby, always pick the bigger size.


Since I waited until the last minute, there really wasn’t time for me to take the costume back after I tried it on and realized it was a size too small. So with some swallowing of pride and a lot of pixie dust, I made it work. I threw on a generic pair of Spanx, stuffed myself into some nude panty hose and wore the costume with the pride of being a size smaller. Thank goodness for safety pins.

And Tink wings to hide them.

In the end, the costume looked great with the rest of the crew — Peter Pan, Captain Hook and Wendy and George Darling. Will won’t remember much about his first Halloween party, but he went as the crocodile, complete with little green monster feet slippers.

And a little green hat.

As this weekend is officially Halloween, I have plans to attend another party that’s become a tradition the last couple of years. My three girlfriends and I try to choose costumes where we can go as a group. Two years ago, we dressed as people who looked like they just walked out of a black-and-white movie. Last year, we were Care Bears — I was the pink Love-a-Lot Bear. This year, we’ve been challenged to a costume-off by another group of girlfriends. I can’t reveal our idea, especially since it’s down to the last day, and we’re still not done.

Of course.

If we have any costume hitches — say some outfit doesn’t quite fit or we can’t find just the right wig — we might change directions. Or maybe just fix it with some safety pins and pixie dust.

At the last minute.

April E. Clark was Mrs. Santa Claus for Halloween once when she was a kid. That’s different. She can be reached at aprilelizabethclark@gmail.com.

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