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Poetry Corner

Sixth-grade students at Glenwood Springs Middle School began the year by writing “Native Moon” poems thinking about their culture and heritage.

Full Corn Moon

By Finn Miller

I am of the Full Corn Moon,

when the corn is ready for harvest.

I am of the North Americans and Europeans,

of the mountains and Dutch cities.

I am of the European city Amsterdam,

where all you walk on is stone.

Where everywhere there is water

and bikes are more precious than cars.

I am of a long line of field workers

and Native American hunters

and football enthusiasts

and true Coloradans

not afraid to keep trying.

I am of the iPhone generation,

of virtual reality games, frozen yogurt,

and free internet videos.

I am of playing in my yard and breathing the mountain air

and camping high in the mountains

and horseback riding.

I am of the Full Corn Moon.

Full Cold Moon

By Shannon Pitout

I am of the Full Cold Moon,

full in the icy cold month of December.

I am of the tall, strong Dutch.

Of the amazing swaying tulip fields in Holland.

I am of the beautiful mountainous valley of Glenwood Springs

where the views never


I am of a long line of equestrians

and singers and great mathematicians.

Not afraid to stand out like an aspen tree in a pool.

I am of the war on terror.

Of wireless headphones and Ed Sheeran

and iPhones, and new inventions.

I am of training amazing horses

and owning animals,

and great sisters.

I am of the Full Cold Moon

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