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Race for the Average Jo(e) at Veltus Park on Saturday

On Saturday, July 20th The Race for the Average Jo(e) will be held in Veltus Park. This is a family-friendly triathlon designed for the not-quite-hardcore athlete in all of us! The course consists of three legs, the first being a cruiser bike ride or other self-propelled method of transportation along the Rio Grande trail and Midland Avenue. Next, a thong, that is to say flip-flop, walk. And lastly, a tube or other flotation device float, down the Roaring Fork River.

The “race” is a one-of-a-kind event. Why? Because unlike the Ironman®, regular people actually have a chance at winning! You may question how this could be, as you are just an average Joe Six-Pack with no exceptional athletic aptitude? Well, this race rewards being average. The winner is the “Jo/Joe” that posts the most average time (that is the mean, not median or mode, though these numerical positions often receive recognition as well). In addition, scoring by somewhat capricious judges may also take into account bonus points for consumption of edibles, gears on the race bike in excess of one, any thongs lost during the race, or any other element that makes a participant more or less average.

If you are not yet convinced this race was made for you, you would be happy to know that there are comfort stations along the way. These stations provide race participants with high caloric value snacks and simple carbohydrates to keep the participants on course. These locally sponsored comfort stations are positioned strategically along the course to provide support, comfort, and maybe a bit of song and dance for participants during the event. Of course, the event organizers want to make sure that participants are not over-exerted during the completion of this demanding don’t-try-athon.

Following the race will be an “After Party” with an awards ceremony, live music, food and a beer garden. The fun will begin at 11:00 a.m. in Veltus Park. Come join us in this Don’t try-athlon!

The Cause

This event was started by a group of community-minded river-lovers in Pagosa Springs that wanted to give back to their community by improving the river experience through education, recreation, and environmental awareness. Compelled by their passion and wit, this over time has manifested itself into the CRUISE-A-THONg; a ridiculously fun event, which provides funds to projects such as organized river clean-ups, construction of whitewater features, changing stations, and trail improvements, to name a few.

Now, as community members of Glenwood Springs, we are bringing our success here. Our cause is the same and we look forward to working to complete similar projects that enhance the river experience within the Glenwood Springs community.

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