Sam Adams Utopia beer costs $199, is illegal in 12 states |

Sam Adams Utopia beer costs $199, is illegal in 12 states

Ross Leonhart
For comparison, Bud Light is labeled with a 4.2 percent alcohol by volume; Samuel Adams Utopias are 28 percent.
Sam Adams | Special to the Daily |

At 28 percent alcohol by volume, Sam Adams has a beer so potent that it’s illegal in nearly 25 percent of the country.

Samuel Adams Utopias are very rare and are released only every other year — a mere 13,000 bottles nationwide. For scale, Bud Light is labeled at 4.2 percent ABV compared to the Utopias 28 percent.

The beer is available in Colorado but can’t be bought in 12 states: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Mississippi, Montana, New Hampshire, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont and Washington, reports Fortune.

Sam Adams claims “extreme” barrel-aging, “a multi-step, time-intensive and complex process” that makes it so rare.

According to Fortune, the Utopias has a sweetness like a port or cognac and a smooth, buttery, malt-filled finish.

Cost? A smooth, buttery $199.

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