Say yes to fun in Glenwood Springs |

Say yes to fun in Glenwood Springs

Before I moved to Glenwood Springs, I set a policy: Whenever someone asked me to hang out, I should say yes.

That’s the best way to get to know people, places and events when you’re new to town. I arrived here with several well-established friendships and eager to build even more relationships. It’s a process that can take time — sometimes a lot of it, as I learned when I moved to Tuscaloosa, Alabama, for graduate school.

Tuscaloosa was the first place I moved after college, and I naively expected it would be as easy to find my place there as it was in undergrad. I didn’t account for the fact that I graduated Florida State a year early, and so Tuscaloosa residents my age were in their senior year. Their friendships were long established. I was the new girl, and in most circles, I was the only new girl. I spent many Friday nights laboring over my blog rather than with other people, and it was rarely by choice.

It took years and several moves around central Alabama, but I eventually found my group. When I first arrived, I made a friend here and there. By the time I left, nearly 14 years later, I knew the city and its people well.

I expected a warm welcome in Glenwood; after all, my friends here called from their Thanksgiving celebration to loudly congratulate me on this job. But that’s a group of six or eight people. It should take longer to feel at home in the city as a whole.

Was I ever wrong!

Last Friday marked the end of my first full week in this beautiful city. My “say yes” policy was quickly forced out the window — not because I chose to spend time alone, but because I had too many offers on the table. Board games? Valley Visual Arts? A quick drink at the pub? Glen-a-palooza? The choices were plentiful — and yet I’m told this is the slow season.

This week I made my first appearance on KSPN to discuss the weekend’s goings-on around town. I thought of my radio segment back in Alabama. Host Scott Register and I were quick to say if you were bored in Birmingham, it was your own fault. There was always more to discuss than we could fit into a 15-minute segment, and more to do than our 30- and 40-something-year-old selves could cram into a weekend.

It seems the Roaring Fork Valley and surrounding area share that problem. From visual arts to theater to music to outdoors, there’s always something to do here. And we get to do all of that with some of the most stunning views I’ve witnessed. I’ll continue to say yes, and I’ll rejoice when I realize there’s more I’d like to see than one day can contain. Boy, am I glad to be in Glenwood.

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