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Serious entertainment


Someone asked me the other night where I got that turn of phrase, and the answer is right here Garfield County. It’s short for “how do you do,” so it’s simultaneously formal and folksy. I think it suits me.

I suppose it’s not strictly necessary for me to introduce myself. I’m going on two years with the Post Independent, and already provided an abridged life story shortly after I started as crime, education and Carbondale reporter (a position that later expanded to include the pie beat, which I intend to retain).

Still, if you’re anything like the talented people who contribute to this section, you’re probably a bit apprehensive to see it under new management.

I’m with you. While many aspects of the paper bear the marks of many hands, “Scene” was fostered from seed to bloom by Jessica Cabe’s enthusiasm. It’s like looking at a field of fresh snow, knowing I’m eventually going to have to disturb its pristine splendor with my tracks.

I’m not Jessica Cabe, and I won’t serve anyone by pretending to be.

She’s a hip, creative journalism major from Rockford, Illinois. I’m an occasionally atavistic and frequently pedantic anthropology major who grew up in ‘Bonedale. I like Thanksgiving; she likes Christmas. She reads everything by Philip K. Dick and adores the Smashing Pumpkins; I’m more of a Ray Bradbury and Paul Simon guy. Her idea of a perfect Friday night out involves gallery openings and live music, while I’m just as happy at a high school basketball game or a critically acclaimed movie.

Over the next few months, you’re probably going to see some changes, but nothing drastic. You’ll notice the same columns from April Clark and Christina Brusig, the Student Spotlight, and most of the other trimmings are all intact. Coincidentally, we also have a new column,”WineInk,” which arrives just in time to make up for the fact that I know next to nothing about alcohol.

My own column has been rebranded “Will Call” – a witticism I’m afraid I solicited from friends and cannot take credit for myself. The “Editor’s Picks” aspect has been moved to the cover, and will likely reflect local buzz more than my own personal taste.

While some events and organizations cannot help but attract coverage, I hope to inject some variety into the stories themselves. I strongly believe the schools are the heart of our communities, and that everyone benefits when people come out for art shows, performances and the like. I think the western part of the county has a unique range of entertainment that plays second fiddle only because it doesn’t often call attention to itself. I hope the community will help me find and feature these and other overlooked happenings.

Anthropology is, among other things, the study of culture. That can be a bad word, carrying connotations of snobbery and stuffiness, but I see it as the broadest possible term encompassing the whole of human achievement and behavior. I take entertainment seriously, and I’m out to capture the culture of Garfield County.

I hope you’ll all bear with me. Better yet, wish me luck.

Will Grandbois will deny missing Jessica Cabe’s tiny November Christmas tree. He can be reached at 384-9105 or

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