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Share your stories, pics

Many paths led us to Colorado, and adventure lies at the end of most of them. Share your stories and photos of outings in and around Garfield County by emailing You could see your experiences in this space.

What makes for a compelling story? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Have an opinion and some personality.

Show, don’t tell.

Be specific.

Focus on your story. Tell us something only you could.

Timing matters. If it’s a skiing story, we probably don’t want it in July. Likewise, if the story relates to a holiday or a larger issue, keep that in mind when submitting.

Know your audience.

Don’t ramble (600 words is about right).

Don’t be too academic.

Don’t spend all your time attacking someone or something.

Don’t advertise.

Include photos, sent at their original size, for an increased likelihood of publication. We love to see people in pictures, and they’re even better if they’re action shots rather than selfies and posed images. If the story isn’t quite right but shows promise, we’ll follow up and guide you through the editing process. We cannot guarantee a response to all submissions.

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