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Whit’s End: Show me Glenwood through a kid’s eyes

Readers, I need your help.

My favorite 4-year-old and 11-month-old arrive in two weeks. I can’t wait to see these kids; although we’re not related by blood, they call me Aunt Kit (well, the 4-year-old does. Her baby brother isn’t yet talking). I met Iz within days of her birth, and I was present when V entered the world. We lived three blocks apart for most of their lives — until I moved to Colorado.

Perhaps I’m overthinking this, as they’re generally happy children. But I want their trip to be special. I want to ensure they (and their mother!) enjoy this place that’s been so welcoming to me.

Here’s the problem: I don’t know what to do with children in Garfield County.

I’ve been in research mode since they booked flights months ago. Every time I meet someone with young children, I ask for recommendations. And now, I’m asking you, too.

I run in a crowd of childless 30-somethings. Like attracts like, I suppose. There are certainly activities the wee ones could join us for: swimming at the Hot Springs Pool, Mountain Fair, casual meals out, park visits. (It seems like there’s a park on every other block around here, and I love it.) But Iz is a high-energy girl who loves to learn about the world around her. I want to engage that as much as possible, and not treat her as an add on to our adult adventures.

Already, I’m excited by some of the recommendations I’ve received. They’ll be here during Mountain Fair in Carbondale, so we’ll take in music and art and the outdoors. I’m told Aspen Center for Environmental Studies is a must visit, and I think it will be every bit as enjoyable for the adults as the kids. The farm tour is calling my name!

But there’s more to discover, I’m sure. So tell me, where do you take your little ones? If you had small children coming to town, how would you show off Garfield County’s charms?

I’m eager to receive your recommendations, whether they include the best kids’ menu, your favorite playground, a museum environment or arts and crafts. It’s been thrilling to get to know this place as a newcomer, but you are the experts. And I’m sure I’ll rely on your advice for many visits to come.

Email Carla Jean Whitley your kid-friendly tips at cj@postindependent.com. Being an aunt is one of her life’s greatest joys.

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