Student life converges at The Point on Colorado Mesa University’s campus |

Student life converges at The Point on Colorado Mesa University’s campus

Jessica Kelly
Free Press Correspondent
Matt Cesario, a student manager at The Point, smiles and gets ready to pour a beer for a customer.
Jessical Kelly |


The Point offers a variety of different foods and beverages, from quesadillas to sandwiches and burgers, and Jouflas’ famous Sheep Dip. It also carries six different types of beers on draft, bottled selections and wine. Everyone is welcome; it’s not just for students.

The Point is located in the University Center game room at Colorado Mesa University, and hours span noon to 11 p.m. daily.

When Dylana Gross, a Colorado Mesa University senior, enrolled in Georgann Jouflas’ management preparation class, she hoped to gain on-the-job experience.

Now Gross works at The Point, a student-run restaurant and pub located at the University Center, as part of her instruction.

“It’s really cool because the entire business is student run,” said Gross. “It’s all real life, so the stakes are much higher than just getting a grade.”

According to Jouflas, The Point started in October of 2013 at 1230 N. 12th St. across from Grand Junction’s main college campus; it moved to its current location at the beginning of the school year.

“We have two missions,” Jouflas said of The Point. “One is education, which is what we’re here for and that’s the priority; and [the other] is to not lose money.”

The restaurant concept itself was created three years ago by students, Jouflas, CMU’s president Tim Foster and more as a part of a management prep course. Such a project made sense as Jouflas worked in the restaurant industry for seven years before taking a teaching position at CMU. Now she teaches full-time as part of the school’s business department and heads up a class called “The Point,” which runs each semester. Students enrolled in the course manage the restaurant and pub. Plus, interns work with Sodexo, a food-supply company.


Each semester, students involved in The Point class learn to run a business under Jouflas’ supervision. As part of providing a balanced learning environment, Jouflas currently meets with three student managers — Kristen Kubiak, Mitch Walker, and Anna McEndree — on Tuesdays to discuss marketing strategies, menu items, staffing, and more.

Students working at The Point receive three credit hours and an hourly wage of at least $8.23. Currently, there are 14 students enrolled in the course with staff turnover every semester.

The class also offers four groups that target different demographics in the Grand Junction area: under 21, over 21, community and faculty.

Events hosted at The Point include faculty nights, educational discussions, open mic nights (for the under 21 crowd) and pub nights.

“We want to make it comfortable and accessible to all students and the clubs and organizations,” said student manager Matt Cesario.

Upcoming events at The Point include International Student Alliance Club on March 13 and a St. Patrick’s Day beer tasting on March 17.

“The Point is fun,” said Colorado Mesa University student Bronson Henriques. “They do a lot of events there and music. It’s a fun place to just hang out when you have nothing else to do between classes.”

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