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Jessica Cabe
Kevin Snyder, an 18-year-old senior at Glenwood Springs High School, plans to study theater education in college.
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Glenwood Springs High School senior Kevin Snyder’s whole life was changed with one fateful audition his sophomore year of high school. His brother twisted his arm to try out for “Young Frankenstein,” and although Snyder was reluctant and unprepared, two years later he’s on track to study theater education at Nebraska Wesleyan University.

Snyder is playing Muggs O’Toole, an incompetent gangster, in Roaring Fork High School’s production of “Flapper,” which opens this weekend. He spoke with the Post Independent about his character, his favorite part about performing and his plans for the future.

Post Independent: How did you get involved in Roaring Fork High School’s musical?

Kevin Snyder: The choreographer had to leave to go to L.A., and he was also the director. Since this is the first major production they’ve put on in a few years, they didn’t have anyone who was really experienced in acting at all, so she asked me to come help with that. It was when people stopped showing up and couldn’t commit that she started putting me in this role.

PI: Tell me about your character in “Flapper,” Muggs O’Toole.

KS: He is a gangster, and he has a partner, Cheater Hayes, and they are very clumsy and not very efficient, not very intelligent, either.

PI: About how many shows have you been in, and what’s been your favorite role?

KS: Since my sophomore year, as far as musicals are concerned, I’ve been in “Grease,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “Young Frankenstein,” “Les Miserables,” “Legally Blonde” and now this. I think my favorite among all of those has been Frederick Frankenstein.

PI: Do you remember the first time that you performed?

KS: I had just turned 16, and it was “Grease.” My brother talked me into it, and I didn’t want to do it, so I didn’t practice my audition stuff at all. I just showed up and did it cold, and Mrs. McRaith told me that they would love to have me anyway, even though I’m sure I was just the worst thing ever. So it was nice to feel wanted, and since then I’ve just enjoyed doing it.

PI: Are you involved in any other kinds of art?

KS: Theater and music. In February I went to All State Choir, and I play most string instruments and piano.

PI: What’s your favorite thing about performing?

KS: The people that I get to work with.

PI: What are your plans for after high school?

KS: I’m going into theater education at Nebraska Wesleyan University.

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