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Student Spotlight

Jessica Cabe
Amaranda Fregoso is a 16-year-old junior at Roaring Fork High School. She is being mentored by a professional artist through the Wyly Art Center, and she will have a one-woman show there in June.
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Roaring Fork High School junior Amaranda Fregoso has had the unique opportunity to study under a professional artist this year through a program at the Wyly Art Center in Basalt. The 16-year-old talked with the Post Independent about when she became interested in art, what this mentorship program has done for her and where she sees art in her future.

Post Independent: How long have you been interested in art? What’s your earliest memory of creating something?

Amaranda Fregoso: I guess I have always been interested in art. I remember in elementary school drawing sun flowers in oil pastels. I remember trying really hard to make then look real. I was only in third grade, and I remember just loving how they looked at the end.

PI: What’s your favorite medium to work in and why?

AF: My favorite medium right now is mixed media. It is what I’m currently gravitating to. It changes every year — like last year I was into graphite and then acrylics and watercolors. It changes. What is consistent is that I love faces; people portraits are included in some of my things. I just love how even a person’s face is art and that a picture can capture the emotion of a person’s face at the period in time.

PI: How did you get the opportunity to be mentored by this professional artist? What’s that been like?

AF: I’m currently being mentored by a great artist and a great human being. Her name is Ingrid Dee Magidson. I was put into a selection of people she could choose from, and I’m so grateful she chose me. Mrs. McCourt told me about this artist who is choosing one artist from our school, and there where four other fantastic, talented artists, and I got chosen. It’s a program through the Wyly Art Center in Basalt. Ingrid mentors me by giving me advice about my art. She told me that art is a process: No art piece is finished; there could always be something to add. On June 1, I get my own one-women show at the Wyly that I’m excited about.

PI: Do you plan on pursuing art in college at all?

AF: I would love to pursue art in collage: take them as my fun classes while I try to proceed with my dream of becoming a child psychologist.

PI: What is it about art in general that you love?

AF: In general what I love about art is the ability to make something beautiful out of nothing. Whatever is in my mind or whatever inspires me, I can project that in my art.


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