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Student Spotlight

Glenwood Springs High School senior Annaliese Kehoe works on a project in Tish McFee's AP art class on Wednesday. She puts watercolor behind "stencils" to create unique images.
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Annaliese Kehoe, a 17-year-old senior at Glenwood Springs High School, thinks the creativity she exercises in her AP art class will translate to other aspects of her life, including her planned career in physical therapy.

Glenwood Springs High School is currently in a push to offer more AP classes, which will give students college credit if they pass a test at the end of the course. In Tish McFee’s AP art class, students create a body of work to submit to colleges, and based on how they’re scored, they leave the class with some college art credit.

Kehoe sat down with the Post Independent to talk about her work and how art has made her more well-rounded.

Post Independent: When did you get interested in art?

Annaliese Kehoe: I’ve kind of just been a little artsy for a while. When I was really young I would doodle, and then freshman year I got a little bit more serious when I took freshman art. I liked it a lot more, and so I started getting more art stuff for Christmas and for my birthdays and started getting into it more.

PI: What’s the earliest memory you have of doing something artistic?

AK: I remember drawing these girls in middle school. They were not proportional whatsoever, but I just remember me and my best friend, that’s all we did was just draw these same girls. They were just kind of little doodles we did.

PI: What are some of the media you work in now?

AK: I usually just do pencil, but I’m kind of getting into watercolor more. I like oil pastels, but I think watercolor is my favorite.

PI: Can you tell me a little bit about what you’re working on in class?

AK: Right now it’s like stencils, so I’m cutting out the negative space and then putting color behind it or coloring that part and putting white behind it, and it kind of shows an image underneath it. I guess that just reflects things you don’t normally see. I saw this TED talks video, and this woman did a whole bunch of cutting out, and she made a whole dress. It was really cool, and I wanted to get into it, so I got some X-Acto knives and just started messing around with it a couple months ago.

PI: Do you plan to keep on pursuing art after high school?

AK: I think so, maybe taking a couple classes — not necessarily as a major, but definitely doing art. I want to be a physical therapist.

PI: Tell me a little bit about how this AP art class and how that’s benefiting you.

AK: My friend’s mom said that artistic and creative people make the world. And so I think it benefits me because if I’m more creative, I can come up with different ideas and have a different input.

PI: What’s your favorite thing about art in general?

AK: I just think it’s really fun, and it’s just an output sometimes when you’re stressed out or something. You can just put it on paper, and you just feel better afterwards.

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