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Two years ago, 18-year-old senior Kimbrell Larouche and 17-year-old junior Matthew Palomino played music together for the first time. Now, Larouche plays lead guitar and Palomino plays bass in their band, Big Dog and the Midnight Badgers, with Roaring Fork High School student Lyle Luckett.

The trio makes bluesy hard rock music in the vein of Led Zeppelin, and they’ve taken their tunes to stages as well as Cool Brick Studios in Carbondale. Their first professional single, “Lonely,” can be heard on the band’s Facebook page:

Larouche and Palomino sat down with the Post Independent to talk about how they got into music and whether they’ll stick with it.

Post Independent: When did you start playing your instruments?

Kimbrell Larouche: Seventh grade, I think? Or it might have been 8th grade. I’m not too sure.

Matthew Palomino: I started playing bass in 6th grade.

PI: What made you want to start playing?

KL: There were multiple activities that the school offered, and my mom was going to force me to do one of them, so I chose guitar, and I’m glad I did.

MP: I played guitar for a while before I started playing bass, and then someone asked if I wanted to be in a band. They said, ‘You can play bass,’ so I was like, ‘Okay, I’ll play bass.’

PI: How did your band come together?

MP: He and I started playing together. I think we played together once. I had a really fun time jamming with Kimbrell. And I played in another band with Lyle, so I was like, ‘Oh, Lyle, you have to come check out this guitar player. He’s pretty sick.’ So then Lyle came, and we jammed together, and it was fun. Lyle was all of a sudden like, ‘We should be a band.’

PI: Do you guys do a lot of shows, or have you done any recording? Which do you like better?

KL: We do shows as much as we can, and we record as much as we can. Unfortunately, it’s not too frequent. Playing live is more fun, but recording, we get a song out of it, a professionally recorded song.

MP: To us, our time is a lot better spent recording than playing shows, but playing shows is a lot more fun.

PI: What’s your favorite thing about playing music?

KL: The energy that it gives the crowd, and then the crowd’s energy comes back to us, and then it’s just amplified.

MP: It’s one of the funnest things to be up there and slam your head up and down. even if the crowd’s not dancing, it’s still fun. It’s so much fun. I just love playing.

PI: Do you think you’ll keep playing after high school?

KL: My game plan for music is pretty open right now. It’d be nice to go big with our band. I’m definitely going to keep playing with these guys — I know that, no matter where college takes me if I go.

MP: For me, I definitely want to pursue music as a career. I don’t really like doing much else.

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