Student Spotlight: Adele Craft |

Student Spotlight: Adele Craft

Adele Craft has no shortage of interests. She writes and directs children’s plays, volunteers as a DJ and mentor at KDNK, and has spent several summers as an intern at the Sopris Sun. Above all, she’s passionate about alternative education, and finds that her self-directed style is a perfect fit for Bridges High School in Carbondale. She recently sat down with the Post Independent to talk about schooling and education.

Post Independent: Why did you chose Bridges?

Adele Craft: I liked it because it was very individualized. Coming from a homeschooling background, I wanted something that was flexible. Also, it really appealed that I could go to CMC at the same time and they would pay for it. I have 53 credits there, so next December I will graduate from Bridges and will also be getting my associates.

PI: What’s your top creative outlet?

AC: For the past six years I’ve written and directed a children’s musical in my neighborhood and we perform it on Halloween. They’re completely original and usually run an hour to an hour and a half. We have about 20 kids in it, and like 150 people come.

PI: How did you start that?

AC: I moved here from L.A. when I was 9. There was this guy in our old neighborhood who would build this amazing set and transform his house every year, then put on a play on Halloween night. I thought that was so cool, so I wanted to carry on that tradition.

PI: Tell us about your process.

AC: The first time, when I was 9, I realized that I was taking on way more than I could chew. I wrote this whole play and realized that there was no way I could get all that done, so we just sung a lot of original songs and things like that.

I have a background in dance and singing and theater, but that was all when I was younger. I have a small role in my plays, and I usually get my ideas for the next year as I’m performing. After that, I just think about the kids in the neighborhood and the others who perform.

It’s usually all Halloween related. One year we did a vaudeville with different skits, another time we played an acting troupe staying at a haunted hotel. I don’t think I’ll be writing the Halloween play next year because I’ll be busy, but my brother Miles is 13, and he would like to carry it on.

PI: What are your future plans?

AC: I’ve kind of always been interested in education and teaching, especially since my mom started homeschooling my brother and his friends. I never really fit into the traditional public education model, which helped me see that there are other ways of getting a good education.

I have a lot of interests, but none of those are really what I want to pursue. I want to open up a school and I want to teach. I’ll probably go to school for environmental education or something.

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