Student Spotlight: Ambri Sheahan

Coal Ridge High School senior Ambri Sheahan found her first artistic outlet in choir, but has since found a passion for photography that fits well with her love of adventure. She recently sat down with the Post Independent to talk about why she made the switch.

Post Independent: How did you get into photography?

Ambri Sheahan: My aunt is a photographer, and she got me interested. I bought my first camera from her in eighth grade. From there, I upgraded to my own things and figured out what I liked to do.

PI: What appeals about it?

AS: I want to show other people all the things that I see. I like capturing nature at the Maroon Bells or the Crystal Mill. I have a fisheye lens, and I love to use it to capture different angles and expose the whole thing. I also do portraits — people’s senior pictures and graduation. My boyfriend’s a BMX rider, so sometimes I try to capture action shots, too. I like to be able to capture everything, not just one thing.

PI: Do you keep the same style with different subjects?

AS: I like to keep it basic in terms of editing. The only thing I retouch is maybe the brightness and contrast. I like to bring out the natural beauty. I can’t stand too many effects. My new camera does video, so I hope to do more of that. I’d like to work with old film cameras, too.

PI: Anything else you’re pursuing?

AS: I’m planning to go to school for massage therapy, but I also want to take photo classes and at least get my license in photography so I can pursue a career and see my photos presented. Maybe one day I could open my own business.

PI: Do you think it’s for everyone?

AS: Nowadays, everyone takes pictures. It’s hard to get the best picture, though. I’m always down on the ground or doing crazy things for the angle. Not everyone has the dedication to actually go out and stick with it.

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