Student Spotlight: Hattie Rensberry |

Student Spotlight: Hattie Rensberry

Hattie Rensberry is a familiar face on the Rifle High School stage, both in theater and choir, and recently played the role of Jane in a professional adaptation of Tarzan. She also dabbles in visual arts, enjoys cooking,and has a passion for literature and natural science — though she’s less fond of math. As she prepares to graduate, she sat down to talk about the challenge of finding a path.

Post Independent: How did you get into choir?

Hattie Rensberry : I started when I was in sixth grade at Riverside Middle School. I had to take an elective, and I didn’t really want to do PE or tech, so I decided to give choir a try. It turned out to be one of best decisions I’ve ever made. When I got to high school, my schedule didn’t work out for me to take it at first, but I got into ladies’ choir the next semester I could. I was one of two sophomore girls in varsity choir, and I’ve been there ever since.

PI: Did that lead directly into theater?

HR: It developed somewhat separately. By the time I got to high school, I’d already seen a couple of Rifle productions like “Robin Hood” and “Dracula,” and I was into the idea of getting involved. It just so happened that I discovered musicals, and that mixed two of my favorite things together.

PI: Is it a similar experience?

HR: They’re very different. In theater, you’re a family. It’s friendly competition, normally. In choir, if someone wants your solo they’re going to fight you for it. It’s a different dimension to people. You can watch people in choir be cutthroat and competitive and then get into theatre and be terrified to be on stage alone.

PI: Any other creative outlets?

HR: I took IB art this year, which is everything from drawing to sculpting. I enjoy things with paper like origami, as well as pen and ink and painting. I have a bit of an affinity for visual arts, so I’m planning on it as a minor at UNC Greeley. It’s something that could contribute toward a career as a graphic designer or something later in life. I want to major in musical theater, but it’s based entirely around auditions, and I have to get through those first. If all goes well, that’s where I want to be in life.

PI: What made you decide to do the IB program?

HR: IB is known for its rigor, and I’d be lying if I said it was easy. Some people say it’s not worth it. For me, as someone who was bored to tears in most of my elementary and middle school classes, this is a reprieve. I enjoy thinking deeper and being challenged. Still, it’s really nice to think that after this week I can do things because I want to.

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