Student Spotlight: Jacob Boone |

Student Spotlight: Jacob Boone

Rifle High School junior Jacob Boone isn’t your average student artist. Instead of pencils or paint, his media of choice is metal. He recently sat down with the Post Independent about welding as both a creative outlet and a practical skill.

Post Independent: What got you interested in welding?

Jacob Boone: I took agriculture because I like being outdoors. One part of it is welding. At first it was kinda scary. It’s hot, and sparks are flying everywhere. I really liked it, though, and I stuck with it.

PI: Is it more creative or practical?

JB: You can be pretty creative with it. You can really put any metal you want together. I do horseshoe projects. I’ve made a little cowboy dude who sits on a rock and has his hands warming up by the fire. It’s fun using your hands to build things.

PI: Do you see yourself doing more of it?

JB: Yeah. I want to be a welding tech. Right now I’m in a fabrication course through CMC building tables and vices and all kinds of stuff. Hopefully this summer I’ll get a welding job. After high school, I’d like to do more training, work for someone else, and maybe have my own business eventually.

PI: Any other interests?

JB: I played football my freshman year, took sophomore off, then gave it another try this year. I’ve also played basketball my whole life. I’m also into almost anything outdoors — camping, hiking, climbing, fishing.

PI: How about other arts?

JB: I’ve done some woodworking, which is also a lot of fun, but I like welding best. It just seems more manly than something like sculpting with clay, and you can build a lot of different things. It’s cool knowing that you’re taking this metal, putting it together, and knowing it will hold up for a long time.

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