Student Spotlight: Justice Bouchet

After attending Ross Montessori School for most of elementary and middle school, Justice Bouchet attending Roaring Fork High for two years before deciding to try something different at Yampah Mountain High School. Now a junior, she recently sat down with the Post Independent to talk about how the switch has helped support her passion for the arts.

Post Independent: What did you like about Yampah?

Justice Bouchet: It seemed like more of an experience instead of a requirement. You’re allowed to build and explore your education. So far, I’m loving it. Right now I’m working with the Aspen Art Museum in their young curators program, and I’m doing AP Art with a teacher at Bridges High School, as well as some independent study. These people are really guides that support me when I come to them with my ideas and show me how I might develop and present it.

PI: What kind of art do you like to do?

JB: I enjoy painting. I use acrylic most often. That’s the direction I think I want to explore. For the past year, I’ve been honing my skills– working on my anatomy and sketching wherever I go. I’m doing a project tied to a trip to the Navajo reservation. It was a really eye opening and humbling experience, and I was able to capture moments and memories as I went through that. I’ll be developing those a bit more and sending them as a portfolio to the AP art board.

PI: Do you mostly paint people?

JB: I use people as a study. I do a lot of gesture drawings and portraits. I like to focus on hands– people doing stuff with their hands. They’re always moving. There are so many different positions. You can tell a lot about a person through their hands, so it’s the first thing I like to capture when I see a person.

PI: How would you describe your style?

JB: I’d say it’s more realistic. I do most of my portraits in a sort of black and white photo realism using neutral scale markers– which are an investment. When I’m working on studies, it takes on an almost comic look and feel. It’s realistic line art, and I like to play around with widths and add splashes of color.

PI: Any other creative outlets?

JB: I’ve dabbled in poetry and creative writing. I’m really interested in graphic novels. Last year I was working under Tim Fielder, who actually has illustrated for Marvel Comics. Before that I read and enjoyed graphic novels but it really opened my eyes and ignited a passion. I’d like to expand on that.

PI: What do you think is next after high school?

JB: I would definitely like to go to an art centered college– maybe dabble in animation or movie concept art.

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