Student Spotlight: Keanen Bell |

Student Spotlight: Keanen Bell

Keanen Bell, a 14-year-old 8th grader at Ross Montessori Charter School, poses after her most recent ballet performance.
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Keanen Bell, a 14-year-old 8th grader at Ross Montessori Charter School, has already been dancing for 10 years, and she doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon.

What started out as a way to keep Bell occupied has turned into one of her biggest passions. Bell shared with the Post Independent how she started dancing, where she dances now and where she sees dance in her future.

Post Independent: When did you start dancing, and why?

Keanen Bell: I originally started dancing when I was 4 because I had wanted to for a while, and I’m ADD so my mom needed something to do with me. Then I took general dance. There was some jazz, tap, a little bit of ballet, even some gymnastics in there.

PI: What styles do you dance in now?

KB: Now I take ballet, and it is by far my favorite type of dance so far. I like it because it helps me with balance and not being so klutzy. It also helps me focus if I can get energy out a couple times a week.

PI: When did you start dancing with Coredination and Bonedale Ballet? What do you like about that studio?

KB: I started to dance with Bonedale Ballet about a year ago. I like it because the instructors work with each student individually, and they are smaller classes. You wouldn’t get that help you need to become a good dancer in a larger class.

PI: Do you like performing? Why or why not?

KB: I love to perform on stage. It helps me to put everything I’m learning into practice and gives me a reason to learn it. When I’m not going to use something, I don’t usually learn it well.

PI: What’s your favorite part about dance?

KB: My favorite part about dance is the challenge. I love how something that seems so simple can be so difficult and beautiful at the same time.

PI: Do you think you’ll keep dancing in the future? Do you see it as a career?

KB: I definitely think I’ll keep dancing, but I don’t think I will make a career of it. I have my eye on other things. Also, when you dance professionally, it only lasts a few years. I want to do something I can do my whole life.

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