Student Spotlight: Megan Sherry |

Student Spotlight: Megan Sherry

In addition to being one of Basalt High School’s head students, Megan Sherry is an enthusiastic participant throughout the school, particularly when it gives her a chance to sing. She recently sat down with the Post Independent to talk about what’s she’s done and what’s next.

Post Independent: How did you get involved in choir?

Megan Sherry: When I was about 5 or 6, I participated in EarthBeat choir. I met some of my role models there and really found a love for music. I did that until I was 13 or 14. In seventh grade I started singing with one of my teachers who drew me more into music. In eighth grade choir I got a solo, which helped me realize I really loved singing by myself and with a group. I auditioned with chamber choir, made it in and stuck with it. It’s always been my favorite class. I was the president last year. That was really fun and helped connect me to my community and the community to the choir.

PI: Was it a difficult adjustment?

MS: It wasn’t that hard. It’s a different style singing. It was interesting to go from upbeat pop music to softer, choral music. It’s cool to adjust my voice. Through the Aspen Music Festival I was introduced to even more types, which is really cool. Every time I try a new style I think I get better because I’m practicing more and focusing more on what I can do. I just like to sing. It makes me happy.

PI: What about getting into theater?

MS: As much as I like to put myself out there, I was kind of scared to act in front of people. I’d never really thought about doing a show until my sophomore year, when some of my friends auditioned. I thought it would be fun to have a minor part, and I ended up with a medium part. The next year I got a bigger role, and this year I was one of the leads in “All Shook Up.” I was Lorraine, a young girl kind of like myself who just wants to kind of get away from home and explore. It was nice to relate to my character.

PI: What are your plans for after high school?

MS: I’m attending CU Boulder. Being at a small school gave me so many opportunities to be involved. I kind of wanted to stay close and watch my little brothers grow up. I would like to be an event planner eventually, but I’m not sure the steps I’ll take to get there.

PI: How did you get into that?

MS: I’ve been in student leadership council since I was a freshman. My sophomore year I was the treasurer, and then junior year I helped a lot with prom, and now I’m one of the head students and part of National Honor Society. I realized that I like to put things on and see how happy it can make people and the fun times that I can provide.

PI: How else have you been involved?

MS: I played volleyball throughout high school, and I’m a figure skater. My best friend’s mom did it professionally, so we skated together. I’m not really a competitive skater anymore. Lately, my schedule has been super busy, so I go up there when I can to skate around. It’s a nice way to clear my head. The sound the edges make is kind of a nice refreshing feeling. As for volleyball, I like being part of a team. Figure skating is very individual, so it was cool to be with my friends and make new friends.

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