Student Spotlight: Miguel Fabela |

Student Spotlight: Miguel Fabela

Miguel Fabela
Will Grandbois / Post Independent |

Miguel Fabela is a valley native with a passion for music. Although he lives in Carbondale, his mother teaches in Basalt, so he went to school up there.

Now a senior at Basalt High School, he sat down with the Post Independent to talk about how far he’s come and what’s next.

Post Independent: How did you get involved in music?

Miguel Fabela: I’ve been in choir since fifth grade. I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into. It was a new experience, and I found out I liked it. I started wanting to do more. In eighth grade there were classical guitar classes, and my mom thought other instruments could help my singing talent. I’m also performing in the musical in March. I’m the lead, so I’m a little nervous, but I’m ready to do something.

PI: What sort of genres do you like to listen to and perform?

MF: I have a big brother, so I grew up with his music. My mom would listen to music on the weekends. I grew up with different genres, and I like the diversity. It’s good for me to hear what other music is out there besides what’s on the radio, like opera and classical. It’s a good way to learn the history. I manage to balance my other interests like pop with it. My past choir teacher got a job up there and offered scholarships for voice lessons at the Aspen Music Festival, so I’ve been doing that the past couple summers.

PI: How did your Latino heritage impact you growing up?

MF: My parents are from Mexico, and I didn’t want to lose that feel. I want to still feel my culture. I go to Mexico quite often and see how life is over there. It’s interesting. I love it. I love my heritage.

PI: What are you thinking of doing after high school?

MF: I love this valley, but I want to branch out and see new things. I want to go to go to college for music somewhere in the city — anywhere that I could get my music out. I want to be a singer songwriter, and I don’t know if I can do that here. Music is my life, so I want to see if I can go anywhere with it.

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