Student Spotlight: Naomi Pulver |

Student Spotlight: Naomi Pulver

When Naomi Pulver graduates from Roaring Fork High School this year, it will be the first time in decades her family hasn’t been represented in the Carbondale school system.

Still, she refuses to be overshadowed by her talented siblings, instead pursuing poetry and music and finding a style of her own.

Post Independent: What’s it like to be the youngest of eight?

Naomi Pulver: It has its benefits, but definitely also faults. I have these great role models here to instill wisdom and support me, but I get a lot of comparisons to them.

There are some high expectations to live up to all the great things they did. I’m obviously a different person. Comparisons can be so detrimental to someone — so stop it.

PI: What sets you apart?

NP: Everyone’s perspective’s different. They each have their own way of going about things. Similar to my older siblings, I like music and the arts. I do a lot of singer songwriter stuff like my brother Lucas, but I add my own style to it. The material I write poetry about is different.

PI: What sort of genres and topics are you exploring?

NP: I’m still trying to figure out what my sound is. I’ve been heavily influenced by R&B and hip-hop. My writing mainly comes out a feeling.

It’s often about me hoping to do great things. I’ve always liked the form of poetry, although it’s mostly something I do for fun. It feels like a break from the structure of an essay, and it just makes sense.

I got second place in the poetry slam and recently sent a poem about my mom into a statewide competition, and apparently it’s going to nationals. I’m going to go perform it in Denver this weekend.

PI: Is it the same process as songwriting?

NP: They both intertwine. With songs I obviously have to follow a beat, while poetry can be as free form as I want. A lot of my songs come from previous poems that work better with music.

PI: What are your plans after high school?

NP: So far, I’ve been accepted into a couple schools. I think I want to go to Westmont as a vocal major, but I’m going to defer a year. I want to take the time in between to sharpen my music skills and pursue some creative endeavors.

Also, I really want to do some community service projects. I want to see the different lifestyles people live and ultimately, I want to be able to help people through music.


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