Glenwood Springs High School student wins flag design contest |

Glenwood Springs High School student wins flag design contest

Glenwood Springs High School senior Victor Ramirez was recently selected as the winner of a flag design contest to represent Colorado at the National Art Education Association conference in March. The submissions are currently on display at the state capitol, and the winning design will be made into a three-foot-by-five-foot flag. The selection, made by a panel of judges at the state conference, comes with a $1,500 check for Ramirez and $2,000 in art supplies for the art department. The Post Independent recently caught up with Ramirez to talk about his success.

How did you get into design?

I’ve always liked drawing and stuff but never really been good at it. This is my last year so I decided why not try art again and see how it goes. We did a few projects with Adobe Illustrator, but the contest was more competitive.

How did you end up in the contest?

Mr. Linn, the teacher, was attending a convention, and I guess there was a contest he wanted us to enter for the first time. We didn’t think any of us would win.

What inspired your design?

Every time I see a sunset, I feel like that’s where the Colorado flag came from. They’re unique because of the mountains. We only had two days to do it, so that was kind of stressful.

How did you feel when you won?

I honestly thought it was a joke or something. We looked at the other art that was submitted and it was really good.

Do you see yourself doing more?

It’s a two semester class, so yeah. I enjoy it, but I wouldn’t continue through college. I want to study architecture. As a kid I liked playing with legos and drawing buildings.

Any other creative interests?

I do take welding classes. It’s a lot of fun. If I can’t get into CU Denver, my second choice would be Lincoln Tech to go into that field.

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