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Jack Huntington-Rainey, an 18-year-old senior at Colorado Rocky Mountain School, has music in his blood.

His father, mother and both brothers are musicians, so it’s no surprise that Huntington-Rainey is working on mastering four instruments: piano, guitar, flute and drums.

While Huntington-Rainey isn’t sure what his future holds with regard to a career, he knows he’ll keep playing music and striving to improve. He shared with the Post Independent how he became a musician, what his practice schedule is like and what he loves about music.

Post Independent: How did you get started in music?

Jack Huntington-Rainey: First of all, I’ve grown up around music. My father used to be a professional musician, my mother is a music teacher, and both of my brothers play music professionally now. My first time playing a musical instrument was when I was 6 years old. I played the piano. Two years went by, and I had become quite frustrated with practicing almost every day. I was a young child, after all, and all I wanted to do was play around and muck about. But at the start of fourth grade, I picked up the guitar. This was far more interesting to me since it had an attractive, percussive style that I enjoyed. Two years later, I picked up the flute. This was different, not because it was my third instrument, but it was unique to my family. I was the first flautist! I picked up the piano again when I was 12, and now it has turned out to become my strongest instrument. Also, I’ve started to learn the drums since the start of last year.

PI: Are you working on anything in particular with your music right now?

JHR: I try and practice every day, but I am never able to practice four instruments a day. Right now I mainly play the piano when I practice. I don’t tend to play an equal amount of each instrument. My desire to practice with each one changes every now and then. Only a few months ago guitar was my main instrument. I’d tinker around non-stop almost every day. Right now I am working on a project called “Valkyrie Nigh.” It consists of me as an independent musician with mainly guitar and piano. It’s one of my favorite things in life at the moment because it is quite simply so much fun.

PI: Do you work in any other types of art?

JHR: I have never really attempted to pursue any other types of art forms. Music is the one for me. Although I have somewhat tried blacksmithing, pottery and glass blowing. All three of them are immensely entertaining.

PI: What is it that you love about music?

JHR: I love the thing that is music. Music is absolutely and fundamentally everywhere. Just the soft sound of your mother’s kind voice is an example. If you break music down to its most basic form, it is just sound. Most everyone is exposed to sound every day, and more importantly, music. But if I were to boil it down into one phrase, I’d say I love music because it makes you feel something more.

PI: Do you think you’ll pursue a career in music?

JHR: I’m not certain as to whether or not I’ll manage to pursue a career in music, but I firmly know that music will be in my life always and forever. At the least, I’ll keep on with “Valkyrie Nigh” and keep practicing till the day I die. Right now I’m in a space where anything is up for grabs. If I don’t end up becoming a professional musician, which is what I do plan on going after, I honestly have no idea. But it will most definitely be an art form of some kind.

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