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Jessica Cabe
Glenwood Springs High School senior Jennifer Marquez has been an artist for as long as she can remember
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Glenwood Springs High School senior Jennifer Marquez has been an artist for as long as she can remember. Some of her earliest art memories involve creating holiday greeting cards that her parents would write messages on.

Now, she’s working on her AP art portfolio and planning on pursuing studio art in college. Five of her best pieces will be on display along with the rest of her class’ best work on Tuesday, April 28, at Glenwood Springs High School.

Post Independent: When did you start getting interested in art?

Jennifer Marquez: I started getting interested in art when I was very young. I really liked drawing and painting at a very young age. My passion started when I was little. When holidays used to come around, I would always make the cards for my family — like little Christmas cards or anniversary cards. I would make them, and they would write for me.

PI: What media do you work in? What’s your favorite one?

JM: Mostly acrylics or ink and watercolor. I would have to say acrylics would be my favorite. I just like seeing how a sketch can turn into something more vibrant and have a lot of detail.

PI: What are you working on in class right now?

JM: I’m working on my concentration for my AP portfolio. My theme is “Shattered.” So it’s a lot of different body parts that are broken, and it has a story behind it. A concentration is just the theme of your work. For me, like I said, it was the body parts being broken, and you stick with that. When you put the pieces together, it just flows. It has an overarching theme to it. As an artist, you paint what you feel, and many times you feel like you’re broken, but at the same time it’s a part of you. So that’s why I chose to involve the body parts. Incorporating the vibrant watercolors just shows that sometimes being broken can be beautiful.

PI: What’s your favorite thing about art?

JM: I guess it’s just expressing yourself. Many people say that, but it really is just being able to express what you have in yourself and put it out.

PI: Do you think you’ll continue on with art after high school?

JM: Yeah, I plan to major in studio art. It’s always been a passion of mine to pursue art.

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