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Student Spotlight

Jessica Cabe
Adjoa Hursey, a senior at Roaring Fork High School, has been an artist more than half her life and hopes to pursue a career involving the visual arts.
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Adjoa Hursey, a 17-year-old senior at Roaring Fork High School, has been an artist for more than half her life. And while she’s not certain where art will fit into her career, she’s sure it’ll be involved somehow.

Post Independent: What’s your earliest memory of creating something?

Adjoa Hursey: My earliest memory is in second grade. Me and my friends would decorate our name tags on our desks with doodles of cats and other animals. I would create little pets with beds and food bowls and toys and then cut them out to play with them.

PI: What media do you work in? What’s your favorite?

AH: I work in any medium; pen, pencil, paints, charcoal, etc. My favorite is probably watercolor or charcoal/pencil, because watercolor has such a soft, dreamy look to it. Even though it’s hard to master, it’s still fun to mess around with. Also, I like charcoal because, for me, it’s easy to create shadows in realistic drawings.

PI: What are some of the projects you worked on last fall in your AP art class? What are you working on now?

AH: Some past projects were based around figure drawings and the human body. AP students were required to do quick fires, which are when Ms. McCourt gives us an object, and the students have to create a piece of art work from it. For example, the first quick fire, she gave us a barcode. From that I created a ballerina and used the barcode as part of her tutu. Currently, we have started a quote project where everyone chooses a quote and then has to create three pieces of art (realistic, stylized and abstract) that depict the quote. This is probably my favorite project so far because I am doing watercolor — not on normal watercolor paper, but on a board painted with gesso. This is a very different way of water coloring because on paper you can’t erase the watercolor, but on the board, you can. It takes different techniques to create a picture, and I find it really fun.

PI: Do you plan to have a career in the arts?

AH: Yes. I want to try and pursue graphic design, but I’m not 100 percent sure. All I know is that I want to have a career in art because it’s something I really enjoy doing.

PI: What is it that you love about art in general?

AH: In general, the thing I love about art is that you can get completely lost in it. I’ve always had a hard time expressing myself to people, but I find it really easy and natural to do it through art. If I’m feeling overwhelmed, stressed sad or even just happy, art is a way for me to go into my own little world.


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